3 talks about Super Apps

A Super App is a native application, which has a component that allows other applications to load dynamically

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, entrepreneur, businessman or employee… there are things that we should know and because at some point we will come across them. A clear example of this are the Super Apps, a technology that is already breathing down our necks, and many still don’t see it coming.

Super-Apps started in Asia, specifically in China, through applications such as WeChat and Alipay, and are already expanding to other markets. 

This phenomenon is changing the way companies design their apps and how users can interact with different services through a much more integrated experience, between the offline world, the physical world and the digital world.

A Super App is a native application, which has a component that allows other applications to load dynamically. Below, we share 3 talks where technology experts explain in a clear and simple way, everything you need to know about Super Apps and the systems that surround it:

#1 What’s the difference between Super Apps, Mini Apps and Mini-Programs?

Find out what each of these concepts are and why they are related. In this talk, Jaime Gonzalez Presto, GeneXus Country Manager for North America and Europe, details how the Asian market solves their needs with this type of technology.

#2 How does a Super App work and why are they shaping the future?

The scenarios that can be covered with this type of applications range from payment solutions or fintech, to government services (to simplify online procedures for citizens) and product development for companies. The benefits impact the owner of the super-app, the developers and end users. In this talk you will also learn how security is handled, why development is simplified and more.

#3 Introducing the WeChat Mini-Programs Low-Code Generator

WeChat, which in Mandarin Chinese means “micro message”, is one of the platforms with the largest presence in China. It emerged in 2011 as a social application and has become a super-app, combining functions of social networking, messaging, financial services, travel, delivery, transportation, among other services. In this talk we will share with you details of the mini-program generator that GeneXus is creating for this platform.

Another dose of Super-Apps

Did you want more? At GeneXus we have prepared a dynamic online session for the public to ask questions about this topic, which are answered by our team of experts. Learn more in this edition of Ask Me Anything (AMA), about Super Apps, Mini Apps and Mini-programs.

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