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Benefits of Super Apps

of the main new features of GeneXus 18 is the ability to build an entire ecosystem of Super Apps and Mini Apps, or to transform a native application, developed with any technology other than GeneXus, into a Super App.

In this way, GeneXus opens the door for the Western world to be part of the digital phenomenon that simplifies the daily lives of citizens in Asia, the birthplace of Super Apps.

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But why all the fuss about Super Apps? What are their benefits? The most basic answer is in their name, because a Super App is synonymous with power and potential. To access its functionalities, which will depend on the purpose for which they were or will be built, you just need to download the Super App, log in, and set up your payment methods, only once.

For example, a country or local government can create a Super App for citizens to carry out all kinds of formalities online, instead of providing a website where they might get confused by the wide range of services and information.

In the presentation Super Apps & Mini Apps with GeneXus 18, given at the Enterprise Low-Code 2022 event, GeneXus expert Pablo Mazzilli explains how to build Super Apps and Mini Apps with GeneXus 18, what  benefits they bring to users, and what business opportunities are available for companies and suppliers of this type of solutions.

“A Super App is an application that offers various services to users. These services are not necessarily related to each other, but coexist within the same application. Companies that adopt this type of solution gain a competitive advantage because they achieve greater customer loyalty and, with that knowledge, can provide more personalized services,” says Mr. Mazzilli.

Let’s see some of the benefits of Super Apps:

  • Infinite scaling

This type of application allows infinite scaling because the services incorporated are loaded on demand, thus improving the user experience and generating new business opportunities.

  • Teamwork

Mini Apps, which are each of the services offered by the Super App, can be developed internally or by third parties through partners.

  • No more multiple downloads and logins

As we mentioned at the beginning, the user does not need to download an application per service, since the app centralizes everything, with all the required security and privacy considerations.

  • Incremental development of the solution

The Super App allows for the incremental incorporation of applications (Mini Apps), as decoupled modules. These services are not installed in the main application, but appear according to each user’s needs.

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