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The 30 Most Viewed GeneXus Talks

GeneXus Meeting – GX30

From November 28 to 30, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. Register for free

The GeneXus Meeting is an annual event that brings together some of the brightest and most visionary minds in the world of technology, innovation, and business.

For three decades, it has been a space where experts and leaders from all industries share their knowledge and explore emerging trends.

Over the years, this event has witnessed a series of inspiring and visionary talks that have left an indelible mark on the community.

In this article, we reveal the 30 most viewed talks in the history of the GeneXus Meeting, ranging from discussions on Artificial Intelligence and automations to reflections on the future of software.

So get ready for a journey through the speakers who have illuminated the stage of the GeneXus Meeting.

About the GeneXus Meeting

The GeneXus Meeting is an international annual event organized by GeneXus, bringing together technology experts, industry leaders, and software developers from around the world to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the field of application development and enterprise solutions.

Each year, more than 3500 people from all over the world gather in Montevideo, the city where GeneXus was born, to celebrate “The Power of Making Software.”

Admission to the GeneXus Meeting is free, requiring only online registration.

Over three days, more than 100 activities are offered, including multi-language conferences, workshops, exhibitions, awards, recognitions, giveaways, networking activities, and more.

The event is a global meeting where professionals, technology experts, software developers, entrepreneurs, and innovation enthusiasts come together to explore GeneXus’s vision in the short, medium, and long term, as well as the latest trends in software development, Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, and more.

1- Evolving Without Losing Authenticity – Roberto Musso | GeneXus GX27

2- Microservices, Docker Containers, and Kubernetes   – Sebastián Gómez, GeneXus

3- Keynote | Roberto Musso – #GX29 (español)

4- Titans of Artificial Intelligence: Yesterday’s Future Today– José Elias (eliax.com) | GeneXus GX27

5- Enterprise Low-Code 2022

6- From Viking to Curiosity: Challenges of a Descent on Mars – Miguel San Martín, NASA #GX28

7- A Journey to the Stars with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and VR – José Elías | GeneXus GX27

8- The Titanic Future of Software Development – José Elias, Eliax #GX28

9- Kingdom Rush: The Story of a Successful Video Game – Pablo Realini

10- Crisis Communication, Pillars of a Strategy –  Patricia Schroeder

11- Mercado Pago API & GeneXus SDK – Nicolás Robert (Mercado Libre) and Pablo Mazzilli (GeneXus)

12- Squads and Tribes: From Traditional Organization to Self-Managed Teams | #GX29 (Spanish)

13- The Red Bird, $9 an Hour, and All for 2%| Nicolás Jodal #GX29 (español)

14- The Field is Marked  – Nicolás Jodal (CEO GeneXus) | GeneXus GX27

15- Opening Keynote GeneXus GX27 | Nicolás Jodal, SHAPE YOUR FUTURE

16- Your First App with GeneXus 15 (Step by Step) – Marelen Abad Sánchez | GeneXus GX27

17- GeneXus 17 Live (English)

18- “Vende Humo” Have No History  – Facundo Ponce de León. Mueca Films | #GX28

19- Technological Announcements | GeneXus #GX29 (español)

20- Twenty Years of Machine Learning – Guillermo Moncecchi (MIEM) | GeneXus GX27

21- People + Tech – Nicolás Jodal, GeneXus | #GX28

22- Getting to Know GeneXus: Software that Makes Software | Alejandra Caggiano #GX29 (Spanish)

23- The Power of Doing: Artificial Intelligence – Nicolás Jodal Keynote, GeneXus CEO | #GX28

24- Tokenization of Assets – Juan Angel de la Fuente – Okaratech | #GX28

25- The Hyperloop: Ticketless, Frictionless, and Sustainable | Bibop Gresta, Hyperloop TT | #GX29

26- What’s Behind Chatbots? Introduction to IBM Watson Assistant  – Carlos Trinidad y Alejandro Machado

27- To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question – Rodrigo Álvarez – GeneXus | #GX28

28- What Happens If We Do a Little More? – Diego Forlán en el Encuentro GeneXus GX27

29- Artificial Intelligence and GeneXus – Breogán Gonda | GeneXus GX27

30- How to Build a DevOps Culture? | Silvia Keymetlian – #GX29

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