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Curiosities of the First GeneXus Meeting (+ photos and video)

The First GeneXus Meeting
emerged to solve a problem that the first GeneXus users had. Today, three decades later, it has become the most important Technology, Innovation, and Business Event in Latin America.

GeneXus Meeting – GX30

From November 28 to 30, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.
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Every year, around 3,500 people gather in Montevideo, Uruguay, the city where GeneXus was born, to attend the GeneXus Encounter and witness the Power of Making Software live.

In this article, we share images and curious facts from the first edition of this event:

1- The First GeneXus Meeting took place in 1990, making it one of the oldest events related to software development in Latin America.

The First GeneXus Meeting

The First GeneXus Meeting

2- The attendees of that edition were the first users of GeneXus, the software development tool created in 1988 by the company Artech (now GeneXus).

3- The meeting was held at the headquarters of the
Cámara Española de Uruguay


Breogán Gonda, Nicolás Jodal, Jorge Mastropietro, Karina Santos.

Breogán Gonda, Nicolás Jodal, Jorge Mastropietro, Karina Santos.

4- The objectives of that first encounter were:

  • To demonstrate to customers that the performance problem the tool was experiencing had already been solved.
  • To offer customers an updated version of GeneXus.

That performance problem was the first major challenge for the company, which at that time consisted only of its two co-founders:
Breogán Gonda

(Chief Technology Advisor of GeneXus) and
Nicolás Jodal

(GeneXus CEO); and Jorge Mastropietro (Senior Developer R&D at GeneXus),
Karina Santo

(Director at
GeneXus Consulting


), and Gustavo Proto (Research and Development at K2BTools).

Gonda remembers it as if it were yesterday: “We put a lot of effort into solving that problem, worked hard day and night for a couple of weeks until we resolved it. In all industries, and especially in the software industry, problems are also part of innovation.”

Content available only in Spanish:
this video

, GeneXus Technological Evangelist,
Aníbal Gonda

, explores the facilities where the First GeneXus Meeting – GX1 took place and interviews some of the participants of that first edition. To complete this journey through time, we invite you to read this Wiki GeneXus entry titled: I GeneXus Meeting: The history of the I GeneXus Meeting through its protagonists.

Today, 30 years after that First GeneXus Meeting, many of those first users continue to use GeneXus to develop and maintain their software solutions, with code that remains eternally young and without ‘
The Legacy Trap


GeneXus’ headquarters remain in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today, the company has offices in Brazil
, Mexico
, Japan
, and the United States
, as well as official distributors in more than 100 countries.

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Superpowers of GeneXus


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  1. En 1991 o 1992 creo que se realizó en el salón Naranja de la IMM. Fue mi primer evento con GX. La versión 3.n en D. O. S. generando DBase/Clipper.

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