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30 reasons why you should attend the GX30 – GeneXus Meeting

The GX30
will take place on November 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Here are  30 reasons why you should attend  the most important and massive Technology and Innovation Event in Latin America.

1- It’s the 30th Anniversary!

GX30 will be the perfect occasion to celebrate three decades of innovation and technological development.

2- The First GeneXus Encounter with Globant

The collaboration between GeneXus and Globant adds a level of excellence.

3- Return to In-Person

After four years, the event returns to an in-person format, and we aim to make it exceptional.

4-Window to the Future

Only at GX30 can you see what’s coming in emerging technologies.

5- High-Level Conferences

The event will feature Keynotes delivered by world-renowned leaders and experts.

6- Visibility and Recognition

Participating in an international event like this can enhance your industry visibility.

7- Personalized Experience

You can choose the sessions that interest you the most and interact with speakers.

8-Live Exploration of GeneXus Superpowers

We will also showcase the development directions we’re working on.

9- Jodal’s Sports Talk

Todos los años nuestro CEO,
Nicolás Jodal

, da una charla sobre temas no necesariamente vinculados directamente a la tecnología.

10- Access to the GeneXus Team

You’ll also have access to over 200 individuals who make GeneXus possible.

11- Meet the Support Team

At GX30, you’ll get to meet them in person and improve the communication resulting from face-to-face contact.

12- Integrate with GeneXus Partners Worldwide

You can strengthen ties, share experiences, and create alliances among GeneXus Distributors from around the world.

13- Training and Certifications

During GX30 week, GeneXus Certifications will be offered.

14- Multi-Languages

The GeneXus Meeting has international reach and is translated and broadcast in Spanish, English, and Japanese.

15- Massive Attendance

3,500 attendees from all continents will come to GX30. Don’t miss out!

16- Certificate of Attendance

This certificate will be helpful for your career and profession.

17- Change of Environment

It’s an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge while telecommuting.

18- Connectivity

GeneXus Meeting takes place in comfortable facilities with internet access

19- Networking and Business Opportunities

The 3-day event is ideal for meeting new people and professional growth with colleagues.

20- Face-to-Face Interactions

In-person attendance encourages more effective and profound communication.

21 Free Admission

Unlike other comparable events, the GeneXus Meeting is free of charge.

22- Discover Live Talent

Will be a unique opportunity for recruiters to meet potential candidates for their job vacancies personally.

23- Your Professional Future Awaits

If you’re searching for new job opportunities, this is the perfect occasion to directly connect
with representatives and leaders from the most prominent IT industry companies.

24- Explore Beyond the Talks

Attending the event in person will allow you to interact directly with those sponsors.

25- Inspiration and Motivation

This event is designed to inspire and motivate you on your professional journey.

26- Enjoy a Well-Deserved Break

Enjoy a good coffee and some delicious treats while discussing memorable moments of the Encounter.

27- Become Part of the Urban Legend

They say that once you attend a GeneXus Meeting, you never stop attending.

28- Treat Yourself at the GeneXus Shop

Take home a souvenir or a special gift from our brand.

29- Lasting Memories

In addition to the event, you can explore the beauty and culture of Uruguay and its capital, Montevideo.

30- Spring – Summer

For the first time, the event will be held at the end of November, just days before summer, a season known for pleasant temperatures.

In summary, after the event, you’ll have:

  • Greater knowledge.
  • New ideas to drive your career or business.
  • Experiences and learnings.
  • New contacts and relationships.
  • And much more.

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