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4 Tips on test automation

In order to deliver value to the customer quickly and continuously, DevOps teams must work collaboratively among the different groups that are part of the process. This continuous delivery will be achieved with test automation at different stages of development.

Here are 4 tips on testing automation, revealed by Mariana Falabrino, Customer Success at Abstracta, in her talk: Software Testing with GeneXus, created with in the framework of GeneXus Live 2021:

“Automated testing enables fast and continuous delivery of quality solutions and fosters DevOps culture in development teams.”


“It helps validate that no bugs are introduced into the application when they make changes.”


“It should be run as early as possible in the development cycle, so you get early feedback on the health of the application, catch bugs early, and have faster development cycles.”


“It facilitates the identification of business risks and possible solutions to mitigate them with testing at different levels.”

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