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Cinthia Soca |
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6 Videos on Software Testing with GeneXus

sixth TestingUY conference is just around the corner. It is a major event for the software community in the region, gathering thousands of attendees from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, among others. 

To start gearing up, here are six videos (in spanish) on the subject that address the importance of testing for startups, artificial intelligence, testing automation, and DevOps culture. In addition, they discuss the benefits of testing the usability and accessibility of our systems and its relevance in the visual era.

1 Testing for Startups

Testing can be seen as a necessary activity for large and mature companies, but what about startups? What are the benefits of testing for a startup? Do I need to test right now? How can I start improving the quality of my application? How much is it going to cost me?These are some of the questions we seek to answer from QAlified, sharing our experience working with different startups.

2 Testing on GeneXus applications

In this talk we will show how to achieve quality with speed in the construction of GeneXus applications by using different types of tests. In addition, we will see how you can speed up the development cycle by promoting the DevOps culture and have greater confidence when releasing a product.

3 Usability and Accessibility Tests: Knowing our users

In this talk we will discuss the concepts of Usability and Accessibility from the testing perspective, focusing on our most important asset, users.

4 How to make my application accessible to more than 1 billion users?

An interesting topic for all audiences that aims to make their websites and applications developed in GeneXus accessible.

We will be learning how we can make our websites and applications accessible, so that we can ALL be participants in this digital age.

5 Artificial Intelligence and Testing: What is happening?

We have been invaded by software that uses Artificial Intelligence to solve problems where a person was previously needed or not possible. What are the challenges we have when trying these applications?

Artificial Intelligence also being adopted to test applications. How can we use it now?

Understanding what is happening with Artificial Intelligence in the world of Testing is the objective of this talk.

6 Testing in the visual era

Because we know that most of the information we receive is through the eyes, we are forced to verify even the smallest detail of our graphical interface. We propose to discover Visual Regression Testing, what it is and how we use it.

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