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What's new in GXtest?

GXtest is the product jointly developed between Abstracta and GeneXus to design, automate and execute functional tests in web and mobile applications developed with GeneXus. The best part? GXtest users do not need to have programming knowledge, as it is intuitive and very easy to use.

Mariana Falabrino, Customer Success at Abstracta, details the latest news of GXtest:

  1. The functionality to set the expected values of the tests automatically with the result of the first execution was added.
  2. The possibility of executing all the tests of an object was included. This functionality is valued when updating the object, since it will be possible to run all the tests that exercise it.
  3. In the interface testing layer, the integration of GXtest Recorder in the GeneXus IDE has been added and tests can be recorded from the IDE. 
  4. Web interface tests can be run in Headless mode, a new property at the KB level.
  5. A command to compare images and a command to take full screenshots of the application have been added.
  6. Support for Android applications has been added to the mobile interface testing layer.
  7. A new object called Test Suite is available, created with the objective of being able to group tests with certain criteria and treat them as a unit.
  8. Integration with the Allure framework was also added so that the history of test executions can be easily viewed from Jenkins.

“We will continue to work to improve the execution of unit tests to run them quickly in deploy environments. In addition, we will improve test data management. We will also implement new commands with references by control name. We will be releasing some basic functionalities of Visual Testing and a first beta version of a JMeter plugin to perform performance tests in GeneXus applications”, said Falabrino in the talk
Software Testing Approaches with GeneXus, created within the framework of
GeneXus Live 2021.

Main features of GXtest

GXtest Designer: Model a test case through an accessible and easy-to-use interface with the ability to run on different platforms and with different versions of GeneXus.

GXtest Recorder: Allows you to record user actions performed in your browser to create a test case.

GXtest Manager: Allows you to group test cases and schedule their execution. Then it allows you to see the results of each execution.

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