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First LigaMX TikTok Jump with GeneXus Angular PWA App + Serverless - Released!

we’re excited to introduce the first LATAM TikTok Jump mini-program built with GeneXus technologies. This mini-program allows every soccer fan in Mexico to follow and predict score matches of the LigaMX tournament!

What is a TikTok Jump?

A Jump is a new way for creators to share engaging and informative content on TikTok. Built by third-party providers, Jumps are mini-programs and services that creators can link to within their videos. Users around the world can click these links to explore recipes, take quizzes, discover useful learning tools and much more.

Why LigaMX soccer?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Mexico. TikTok wanted to debut their first platform mini-program with something that would attract a large audience. Mexico soccer seemed a perfect match for the TikTok Jump release.

How to use it?

This mini-program can be accessed directly from the publish video screen inside TikTok. Any user from Mexico can see the “Add Link” button and add the jump to the video.

Challenges: UX/UI and scalability

As a customer oriented mini-program, the UX/UI requirements were very high. The app had to look great, have excellent speed and work on any device seamlessly.
It also had to scale infinitely. The user base that can potentially reach is all soccer fans in Mexico, so scalability was also a challenge to take into consideration in the final solution.

TikTok LigaMX Jump was developed with GeneXus, using the Angular Generator.
It’s a modern HTML5 PWA optimized for Mobile Devices.
It’s powered by REST Microservices built using GeneXus Java Generator. These APIs are hosted in the AWS Serverless Platform, using API Gateway for API exposure and AWS Lambda for serverless compute.

Why Angular?

TikTok Jumps are HTML5 based, so the Angular Generator was the perfect fit for this integration.
Angular is Google’s open source framework for web and mobile web applications, and is considered one of today’s leading development technologies.

The main advantages of the generator are speed, performance, and productivity, as well as agile and rapid prototyping.

Read all the technical information about Angular web development in the GeneXus Community Wiki.

Why Serverless?

The user base that can potentially reach is all soccer fans in Mexico, so scalability was important.
We decided to host the REST APIs in the AWS Serverless Platform. This way we ensure that the App will always be running, available and that we don’t ever need to plan capacity in advance. A serverless platform can scale up and down automatically depending on the demand, so this was the best choice.

Serverless deployments are supported by GeneXus 17, for AWS and Azure Cloud Platforms.
For TikTok Jump, we used the AWS Cloud and deployed the following infrastructure components:

    • AWS Cloudfront – For CDN and caching
    • API Gateway – As a fully managed service for API hosting
    • AWS Lambda – Serverless compute platform, for running the Application code
    • AWS S3 – For Image hosting
    • AWS CDK for Infrastructure as Code

It’s been 10 days and the Jump has been accessed by 110.000 users in Mexico with no downtime and no capacity planning.

We are planning for more features in the following weeks! Stay tunned!

For more information check the GeneXus Angular Generator and GeneXus AWS Serverless documentation.

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