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2022 in Low-Code key: What’s coming in GeneXus!

Here are the 9 main innovation points that GeneXus will focus on in 2022 to digitally empower its customers:

1. New Design System

GeneXus will come with a new design system, Unanimo, which will be presented as a module that will contain, in addition to the design system object, all the additional components: images, files, user controls, stencils… This will speed up the construction of solutions based on this interface.

2. Super-Apps

GeneXus will be the first Low-Code platform in the world that will allow the creation of Super-Apps. Your customers will also be able to include this technology in existing applications and generate Mini-Apps with GeneXus.

3. Mini Program Generator for WeChat

Those who create solutions for China will have available the new Mini Programs Generator for WeChat, which will allow them to create Mini-Apps for the world’s largest Super-Apps.

4. Back-end

GeneXus will continue to work on the evolution of architectures, and the creation of systems and subsystems from one or multiple knowledge bases.

5. Scalability of end solutions

Around the architecture we will also work on modeling, within GeneXus, technologies such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon API Gateway. The news of this project will be published very soon in the Beta Channel of the Community.

6. Security

Back office enhancements

Aligned to the Unanimo Design System, GeneXus has proposed that the entire GAM back office should follow this design system and be customizable.

Security Scanner enhancements

This tool, released by GeneXus in 2021, is the solution offered to perform static analysis on the code produced in GeneXus.

OWASP Top Ten 2021

GeneXus has been performing ethical hacks on applications with GAM and GeneXus applications. We will continue to work on this, always taking OWASP standards as a guide.

7. BPM

Unanimo-based GXflow User Interface

In the workflow part, and aligned with Unanimo, the entire GXflow interface will be migrated to this design system. This opportunity will also open the doors to make improvements at user experience (UX) level in everything related to task and process management.

Web Process Modeler
Compatibility between the Web Process Modeler and the modeler that was in the current IDE (Windows) is now available in the beta, allowing GeneXus customers to work in both modelers.

Decision Model and Notation

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard gives a non-technical user the possibility to build decision tables and condition rules. GeneXus plans to develop a business rules engine based on this standard for use in process diagrams.

8. Reporting

  • In 2022, all map esthetics will be aligned to the Unanimo design system.
  • The Query and Dashboard editors used in GeneXus Web will be the same editors that will be integrated in the Windows IDE.
  • Another point that will help to increase the use of Query in the knowledge base is that they can be used programmatically.
  • The graphics theme will also be enhanced, the same at the dashboard level.

9. GeneXus Platform

GeneXus Platform provides a unified and integrated access to all its products and services. This unification provides a global vision of all the processes to be able to manage and operate. The idea is that from GeneXus Platform you can start the life of each project, define integration pipelines, execute tests, among others.

Regarding GXtest, the main objectives for this year have to do with better support for data, improvements in the user experience and test modeling languages, but above all in DevOps processes.

As for the Cloud Engine, we will improve support for deployment architectures, platforms and technologies. At the same time, we want to bring the same simple modeling experience for development to the modeling of execution environments and the operation of these environments from GeneXus.

Updates will continue to be released every two months until October 2022 with the release of GeneXus 18.

GeneXus will also continue with Beta and Preview channels so that the community can get ahead of what is coming and give feedback from their experience.

What would you like to see GeneXus incorporate in the 2023 Roadmap?

Leave your comments!

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4 responses to “2022 in Low-Code key: What’s coming in GeneXus!”

  1. Para 2023 me gustaría:
    * Soporte a NoSQL como MongoDB.
    * NodeJS como lenguaje de backend.
    * Terminar de implementar Angular al 100%.
    * React como frontend.
    * Mayor soporte de AR y VR en apps.
    * Soporte a Bootstrap 5.
    * Templates prediseñados en web y apps que ayude al tiempo de desarrollo, entiendo que hay soluciones externas pero como plataforma low-code debería tener sus propios templates.
    * Rediseñar en UX y UI la wiki genexus, para encontrar contenido mas fácil, así como tener toda la documentación completa.
    * Soporte a desarrollo de escritorio para Windows, OSX y Linux. Es un tema que esta recobrando fuerza.
    * Mejorar el marketplace genexus.
    * Genexus Web, creo que ayudaría bastante a estar al nivel de la competencia.

    • Muchas gracias Luis! Estamos trabajando en varias de esas que mencionas, y tus comentarios nos ayudan para darle fuerza al resto también! Te invitamos a sumarte al foro de Beta Testers en genexus.com/betatesters, donde se platica sobre nuevas funcionalidades, escenarios no resueltos y demás. Muchas gracias una vez más.
      Saludos, Armin
      Product Manager de GeneXus

    • Jose, la posibilidad de que alguien haga un generador para crear soluciones .NET Windows está abierta; GeneXus es extensible incluso en la parte de generadores. Para profundizar esta conversación o seguir charlando sobre otras mejoras que desees sugerir sobre nuestro roadmap, por favor contáctame directamente o también lo puedes plantear través del foro de Beta Testers. Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Saludos, Armin.

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