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How to create a task management interface in GeneXus BPM Suite?

BPM Suite
is a suite of tools designed to manage and optimize the business processes of the systems developed with GeneXus.

To learn how to create a task management interface in GeneXus BPM Suite, we invite you to watch the talk Inbox Driven Design: How to customize the UX of your workflows?, given by Eugenio García, GeneXus Suite Product Manager, as part of GeneXus Live 2021.

Some of the features of
Business Process Modeler
(GXBPM), which are discussed in the video, are the following:

Process Modeling

“It is the tool that allows us to bring a real system, in full operation, to a project based on Business Process Management practices; allowing us to draw workflows based on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard. It is integrated into the GeneXus IDE, but can also be used as a stand-alone tool, for example, for use by process analysts. From GeneXus they can work on the construction of the screens and programs that are going to be executed in each of the steps that we define in these flows”.

Workflow engine API

“In GeneXus we have the Workflow engine API, which is used to make custom interfaces. The API allows programmatically creating from an inbox to triggering processes from a service that is exposed.”


“When it is not necessary to make a custom interface, the suite has its own interface for web and mobile through GXFlow, and dashboards of performance indicators related to the processes.”


Stencils are components that, when encapsulated, can be reused for the design.

Events/ User

“They are the list of tasks of a user. The User variable is defined based on the Workflow User data type, which is part of the API and has a method to get the list of tasks of its user. And this, ultimately, returns a collection of items also based on the Workflow WorkItem API. Then, simply what you do is iterate over that collection of tasks and load the information into the grid.”


“They are defined in the Unanimo Design System and are what allow you to maintain the style you want.”

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