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Success stories with GeneXus BPM Suite

What do the Panama Canal, the Blumenau Prefecture in Brazil and the National Coronavirus Plan in Uruguay have in common? All these institutions have automated their processes with
GeneXus BPM Suite

, offering their users personalized experiences, with their own task management interfaces.

In the talk
Inbox Driven Design: How to customize the UX of your workflows?

, created with in the framework of
GeneXus Live 2021

Eugenio García

, GeneXus Suite Product Manager, shares some details of these success stories: “These 3 organizations had the need to provide users with the best possible interface, appropriate to the scenario they had to solve, and they did all this using the API of the BPM suite that we have in GeneXus”.

Panama Canal

The digital transformation of the Panama Canal

is a project that arose to solve the challenges that would come with the expansion of this interoceanic waterway, inaugurated in June 2016.

In just 15 months, 7 developers created, with

, a set of on-line and off-line applications, leaving behind all the tasks and controls that, until then, were done on paper.

Panama Canal

uses GeneXus and our BPM suite for everything related to process automation. From the digital agenda for ships to pass through the canal, to the pre-entry inspection tasks and all the processes involved in getting ships safely through the canal.

The Panama Canal development team developed their own task inbox interface, where they added columns with data they needed for users to perform their tasks. This was embedded in their back office, with its own identity in terms of interface design. 

Blumenau Prefecture

Prefecture of Blumenau

, located in the State of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, was asked to develop a solution to track people infected with Covid-19. In just 1 week, they developed an application so that these patients could receive alerts, report their health status and be attended with telemedicine.

The digital revolution is not new to this location. In 2008 they set out to completely eliminate the use of paper in all their departments. To achieve this, they built a system that they spun off the pre-existing processes. This solution was possible thanks to Gxflow, which is a workflow tool integrated into GeneXus that allows modeling, automating, managing and optimizing a company’s business processes to create critical applications in a simple and efficient way.

They also have

, which is Blumenau’s extreme event monitoring and alert system, created to inform its citizens about floods, landslides and any risk situations in the area.

“It is a portal that provides services to the citizens of the Prefecture and from there they trigger administrative processes of all kinds. What the development team did was to create different views inbox, outbox, a view where they could see the processes and they left all this integrated in their back office.”

National Coronavirus Plan

Coronavirus UY

is the application created by the Government of Uruguay
to optimize communication between citizens suspected of having Covid-19 and healthcare providers. The system aimed to prevent an increase in cases and the collapse of hospital centers.

“An inbox needed to be created to process contacts who indicated they had symptoms or were in touch with a person with Covid-19. This inbox needed to be sorted, according to risk, and available to medical staff. The type of risk was defined by a team of epidemiologists from the Ministry of Public Health. In the middle of the pandemic, they processed these contacts and coordinated either a medical consultation or a swabbing”

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