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Wina Arambule |
1 Min.

AMA: Question and Answer Series

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is the online cycle that brings together GeneXus experts to answer the questions and concerns of the public that attends these meetings.

These free sessions —which are generally offered in Spanish with simultaneous translation in English and Portuguese— are an excellent opportunity to interact with the leaders of our community and learn about the latest technological developments.

Below, we share with you the GeneXus AMA series to delve into areas such as testing, cloud, AWS, Azure, DevOps, BPM, Reporting, GAM, DevSecOps, Super Apps, Angular, and much more.

1 Modeling with GeneXus

2 Scalable Applications in the Cloud

3 Super Apps, Mini Apps & Mini-programs with GeneXus

4 Unanimo Design System

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