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4 reasons for using GeneXus Low-Code Platform for 20 years

Kim Poynter, CEO at Madden & Co. Incorporated, has explained the reasons why they have used GeneXus for over two decades. Maddenco is a US Company that produces software for tire dealers. 

The possibility for a quick and efficient transition towards new technology has turned the GeneXus Low-Code platform into a success at MaddenCo Inc. 

Before they were introduced to GeneXus, the company employed ten developers. Now, with just three of them, they have managed to be “more efficient than ever before.” Throughout the 20 years that MaddenCo has been developing with GeneXus they never had the need to resort to third parties in what concerns new technology.  

According to Poynter, that’s what makes GeneXus irreplaceable. Starting with the development of the initial package for general accounting in the 90s, up to the recent development of a mobile app, GeneXus has enabled MaddenCo to provide customers with innovative and competitive software solutions. 

Below, in the words of Kim Poynter, we have summarized the main four benefits of using GeneXus:

1. System Integration

“Thanks to the web service capability available, we have the possibility of integration with a large number of different companies, and that is something that was not possible for us in the past.”

2. Multi-Platform

“The same goes for applications. I can easily codify an app and create it in both iOS and Android, all at the same time, and only having to write it once.”  

3. Future-proof: the ideal Low-Code platform to migrate Legacy Systems

“We feel that we will also count on GeneXus in the future to come, and that’s why we chose them.  

For the 20 years that we have used GeneXus, as technology advanced, GX has moved along each technological change, and I have never had to change. I simply re-design the front end, and today, I still use the code from the 90s as the base. That’s why I can continue to work with the same two developers that we have had at the company for over 20 years.”

4. Competitiveness and Productivity

“The main advantage is that, as a CEO, my expectations are to stay ahead of the competition, and I know that GeneXus will take me there.   

If I had to make a comment to other CEOs in the USA, if you have a development staff, I strongly suggest you look at GeneXus. It will make you more efficient, and it will also require fewer developers to accomplish whatever task you have.  

Madden & Co has easily made that transition. We have left our competition behind, and it’s all thanks to GeneXus.”

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