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Enrique Almeida |
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The Importance of Migrations in GeneXus Development

Technological migrations are of the essence in the world of software, in order to preserve the importance and efficiency of digital solutions.

At GeneXus
, version updates imply a crucial process in the life cycle of software development, particularly for those seeking to benefit from the software development methodology based on models and Low-Code

new version of GeneXus

releases advanced capabilities that can significantly increase productivity and efficiency in the development process. 

Version migrations in GeneXus
commonly include enhancements relative to the automation of the development process, as well as extended support for
new programming languages and platforms

, in addition to more robust integrations with modern systems for database management and app architectures. 

For instance, a more recent version may offer support for mobile development, enabling developers to generate applications for iOS
and Android
more efficiently and with an enriched number of features. 

Additionally, GeneXus updates lead to improvements in the
user interface and the developer’s experience

thanks to more intuitive tools and control panels that make complex project management a simpler task. All this may result in reducing the time required to move from forward from conceptualization to production, enabling companies a quicker response to the market’s ever-changing needs.

integration of emerging technology

-such as
Artificial Intelligence

, automated learning and natural language processing- represents another key benefit of GeneXus updates.

Organizations that keep up with the latest versions can incorporate this advanced technology in their apps, to, in turn, offer smarter and more adaptive solutions to satisfy the expectations of modern users.

GeneXus migrations also include enhancements in terms of security and compatibility, guaranteeing applications that are not only robust and secure, but also sustainable in the long run.

Developers can benefit from these enhancements for increasing the trustworthiness of the applications they create. This aspect is particularly important in digital environments where security is a concern on the rise.

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