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Wina Arambule |
1 Min.

Total Experience, what is it for?

Total Experience (TX) is an organizational strategy that combines the disciplines of Customer Experience
, User Experience
and Employee Experience
to generate a new and exceptional experience for everyone.

“Companies no longer need to have just a good application or a good website. Companies today are looking to have an experience for everyone, a total experience, to drive greater loyalty, greater trust and greater retention of customers, users and employees,” explains
Mauro Canziani

, Head of Design at GeneXus.

GeneXus 18

, the new version of GeneXus, has all the functionalities, resources and tools to model Total Experiences.

If you want to know more, we invite you to watch the talk:
Total Experience with GeneXus 18

, prepared within the framework of the most recent edition of
GeneXus Live: Enterprise Low-Code 2022


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