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UX and design: 13 videos to be up to date and get to know trends

The minds behind brands are increasingly interested in considering the combination of functionality, content, interaction and aesthetics of products and services. 

During the
GeneXus Meeting: GX29 Builders

, experts in design
and user interface and experience informed about the working methods of design processes in China
, and mentioned the benefits of Design Systems
and the importance of Design for corporate culture, as well as the UX functionalities and enhancements for SmartDevicesPlus, AuditPlus and WorkWithPlus – the only GeneXus products sold in Japan

#1 Chinese tales for designers

#2 State of UX

#3 Innovating with Design Systems

#4 UX: the era of end-to-end experience

#5 User Experience Design: The Evolution

#6 How do we apply UX in our products?

#7 Design Ops meets GeneXus

#8 Make your Design Systems vibrate with GeneXus

#9 Build Design Culture in an organization. How and why?

#10 UX, collaboration, audit, notifications and other news from K2BTools

#11 The power of maps in the UX

#12 Orion: Evolutionary experience with a Design System

#13 News from WorkWithPlus, SmartDevicesPlus and AuditPlus

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