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37 technology and design talks

Want to learn about the latest trends in technology, security, design, and everything related to the world of software? Update your knowledge, get solutions, and get inspired by the 37 online conferences created as part of GeneXus Live! Enterprise Low-Code 2021.

Software Development

#1 The benefits of modeling Multiexperience Applications in Software Development Productivity

#2 How to make Geo Reports?

#3 State of the Art: Building Smart Cities Applications

State of the Art: GeneXus 17

State of the Art: Android Platform & GeneXus

State of the Art: SAP and GeneXus For SAP Systems

State of the Art: Microsoft Azure, .NET & GeneXus

Apple Platforms State of the Art: iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS & GeneXus

State of the Art: Amazon Web Services & GeneXus

State of the Art: The Web and GeneXus’ Angular, .NET and Java Generators

State of the Art: Scripted and AI-based Chatbots

#12 Introducing GeneXus Web: The next generation Low-Code IDE

Super Apps

#13 What’s the difference between Super Apps, Mini Apps and Mini-Programs?

#14 How does a Super App work and why are they shaping the future?

Introducing the WeChat Mini-Programs Low-Code Generator

Mission-critical Systems

#16 2FA, OTP, OpenID Connect: All about the new Authentication Schemes

#17 Application Security in Mission-critical Software: A Proactive and Cost Effective Approach

Creating Mission-critical Applications

#19 Innovating in the API Economy with GeneXus

Modeling Sophisticated Architectures and Mission-critical Systems with GeneXus

First steps to create a core-banking system with GeneXus

DevSecOps: Redefining the foundations of security with Static Code Analysis

Design Systems

#23 DesignOps Strategies: From Design to Code the GeneXus Way

#24 Modeling a Design System with Low-Code

#25 Amplify Design Value and Impact at Scale with DesignOps

#26 How to model a Design System from scratch

Increase Productivity and Automation with WorkWithPlus in GeneXus17

 A Design System-based Tool to Create a great User Experience while Increasing your Team’s Productivity

#29 Unanimo Design System: Simplicity, Agility and Multi-platform

#30 Fiori Design System: Productivity integrating with SAP Systems

Business Process Automation

#31 Inbox Driven Design: How to customize the UX of your workflows?

#32 Modeling Workflows with GeneXus on the Web


#33 The Importance of nurturing a DevOps Culture

#34 How to automate Continuous Integration processes to enhance the Application Development Cycle

#35 Deploying GeneXus Applications

#36 Software Testing Approaches with GeneXus

#37 Software Versioning and Team-based Development with GeneXus Server

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