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GeneXus For SAP in the Forestry Industry

In our recent rollout, along with Dvelop, of a large-scale project for the firm Montes del Plata, different technology sources were integrated to empower the smart enterprise.

In this post, I will go into detail in one of the applications that includes the use of GeneXus for SAP.

It is the Plant Maintenance “Cosecha” (Harvest) Web System, developed to obtain maintenance data from harvesting equipment, that is loaded onto the SAP maintenance management system.

Features of the Web System integrated with SAP

This web system is meant to achieve the integration of the two information platforms at Montes del Plata: information originating via API Rest and SAP.

In the case of Cosecha Production (web system for obtaining harvest production data to be loaded in the forestry system) the purpose is to obtain and process the production data during the various shifts when the machinery is used, and the other is to obtain and record in SAP the various maintenance instances carried out on the working machinery (Forwarder and Harvester).

To this end, GeneXus’ potential was used to easily incorporate WebServices with the features of the SAP connector in order to simplify information access in SAP.

We are currently expanding the integration with SAP for another system related to data on forestry leases. These solutions undoubtedly provide added value because, in addition to integrating data, tasks done manually are also digitalized and this has an enormous impact on productivity and the working pace.

I invite you to learn more about the possibilities available and all that may be achieved in the integration with GeneXus for SAP Systems.

To find out all the technology work behind the prestigious company Montes del Plata you may download the Whitepaper.

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