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Software Applied to the Forestry Industry Value Chain

Montes del Plata is Uruguay’s largest forestry exporter. Its core business is the production of cellulose from Eucalyptus pulp,
and through technological implementations it has positioned itself as an industry company 4.0.

Montes del Plata
was established in 2009 as a result of the merger of operations in Uruguay of the Swedish-Finnish company Stora Enso and the Chilean company Arauco. It opened its cellulose plant in 2014, which represented an increase in Uruguay’s Gross Domestic Product of 2%.

The company has production activities in 13 of the country’s 19 provinces and provides more than 6,500 jobs to the local economy. Its production chain begins in a research and development center located in Río Negro -a nursery to produce up to 20,000,000 seedlings every year- and includes forest planning, planting, forestry, road infrastructure, harvesting, loading, and transport activities. Transportation from the forests to the plant is carried out both by land and by river, through a fleet of 4 barges that connect the port terminal of M´Bopicuá in Río Negro to the port of Punta Pereira in Colonia.

Digitally transforming the forestry value chain: Need and Challenge

Much is being said about the forest industry due to its great socioeconomic impact, but what do we know about the forestry value chain?

This institutional video (in spanish) by Montes del Plata shows the entire process, from the production of
seedlings to the packaging of paper or cellulose bales for export.

In addition to its great socioeconomic impact, the forestry value chain involves highly complex logistics and several challenges at the IT level.

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