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Business Process Automation: 4 free online talks you can't miss!

Business Process Automation is the digital transformation in which companies are framed to optimize their business processes with software.

In the following videos, created within the framework of GeneXus LIVE: Enterprise Low-Code, we show you real cases of corporations that took this big step and the solutions offered by GeneXus to automate workflows:

Inbox Design: Customize the User Experience of your Workflows

Organizations such as the Panama Canal, the Prefecture of Blumenau in Brazil and the National Coronavirus Plan in Uruguay, manage their daily tasks automatically, with GeneXus BPM Suite.
In this talk, you will learn how to use this tool to create a task management interface.

Innovating in the API Economy with GeneXus

The world of technology is dominated by APIs, which has led to what we know today as the API economy.
In this presentation you will learn what tools GeneXus offers to innovate by creating new services, products and business models, or by providing growth and improvements to existing ones.

Creating Mission Critical Applications

What does mission-critical applications mean, should these solutions be scalable, what should be done first, what elements will be needed for their execution, how should the work team be assembled? Gastón Milano, CTO of GeneXus, explains everything, with details and advice based on real cases.

Workflow Modeling with GeneXus Web

Modeling Workflow diagrams in the GeneXus interface is very simple. Being a web IDE, it allows both developers and business analysts to develop this application and in turn design the application’s functionalities within the same IDE, all without local installations on machines!

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