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6 companies in China that develop mission-critical solutions with GeneXus Low-Code

In this post about GeneXus in the Asian market, we’ll take a look at the six largest companies in which GeneXus is currently present in China. 

#1 CRRC  Electric


Established in 2007, CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CRRC Electric) is an environmentally friendly enterprise, and the first high-tech company specialized in R&D for electric vehicle manufacturing in China. Over the course of 15 years, it has designed, built and marketed thousands of these vehicles, positively impacting the reduction of pollutant emissions.

#2 Roche Diagnostics


The Chinese branch of Swiss labs has a great web app to manage pharmacies that is used by hospitals, among other Apps.

#3 Yipai ERP


The company is focused on the clothing industry and has found in GeneXus an ally to develop its own ERP solution customized for this industry.

#4 Shanghai Feekong


It is a new company with focus on the chemical industry that GeneXus used for a SaaS solution.

#5 Shanghai Qitong


Shanghai Qitong is the largest distributor of Yonyou ERP (the most famous #ERP in China) in Shanghai. This client has used GeneXus for many mobile and integration apps.

#6 Zhejiang Normal University

ZJNU (Zhejiang Normal University). It’s one of the most important universities in the province of Zhejiang, with 30,000 students. A mobile and interactive travel application has been developed and integrated with online games developed at the university. Created for Android and iOS.

GeneXus has also been used to develop a web version of the app to integrate it into WeChat, the most popular messaging, social network, and payments app in China.


GeneXus in China

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