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Transition to SAP® HANA: Adopt GeneXus for SAP Systems!

by Ricardo Recchi *

SAP® is continuously innovating and offering new and evolved products. Many technological changes are taking place and businesses need to keep pace with them.

When changing from SAP R / 3 to S4 SAP HANA, or simply adopting SAP HANA S4, a company needs resources to develop new applications.

In any case, the company will search for new knowledge, which requires many changes and skills before it is ready to start the transformation. In addition, when the company thinks it is succeeding, new changes arise.

Digital Transformation requires companies to be flexible and intelligent.

For example, consider a company running on a legacy SAP environment with several custom applications. In this case, it needs to start the transformation at least to S/4, because, as from 2025, SAP will no longer support legacy environments.

The developers of this organization have experience with ABAP, a programming language created by SAP. Therefore, this company will need to acquire new skills, new knowledge, and hire new staff and/or upgrade existing equipment to work on the new SAP platform. Another option is to hire external resources to help in the transition and development of applications for the company.

Assuming that the company decides to invest in hiring people with the necessary skills and experience, it will need the following staff: one person for Java, one for mobile iOS, another for Android mobile, a Fiori frontend developer, someone to learn about SAP Machine Learning Foundation, someone who knows how to work with SAP Cloud Platform, and someone to manage the SAP Hana database.

But there’s another way a company can achieve even better results at a much lower cost: GeneXus for SAP Systems, an intelligent development platform whose objective is to facilitate the creation, development, and updating of corporate applications, eliminating bureaucracy and technical limitations.

With GeneXus for SAP Systems, the company needs only one person capable of creating applications in the latest SAP technologies, thus eliminating the need to train or hire about six employees. Considering that the learning curve of a GeneXus professional learning low-code development is faster than with traditional development (traditional JAVA developer), a company can have functional applications for SAP ecosystems in about four months.

GeneXus for SAP Systems is the fastest way to program custom native applications that use SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, integrate with SAP S / 4 Hana, and run on the SAP cloud platform!

GeneXus will introduce its solution at Asug 2019 with a presentation titled “A New Way to Innovate with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo Technologies.”

Date: April 09, 2019

Time: 11

Venue: Pullman Hotel Vila Olimpia

Address: Juegos Olímpicos, 205 – São Paulo – SP

More information: http://www.asug.com.br/conferencia-anual/

* Ricardo Recchi is GeneXus Brasil Country Manager.

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