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APIs in the GeneXus world

APIs are dominating the world of technology, giving way to what we know today as the ‘API Economy’.

Eugenio García

, Product Manager of
GeneXus For SAP Systems

, APIs are the gateway to innovate in services, products and business models. 

“APIs today work as an innovation engine that allows the growth of existing products and legacy products that we may already have”.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces. An API is an external object that provides properties, methods and events, to abstract its implementation and provide functionalities, thus enabling communication between two or more software applications through a set of rules.

The adoption of APIs is a growing global trend.

“Now, when planning the creation of a product, APIs are thought of first. This action is called API First Mindset
and allows you to design what API you need to expose so that third parties can integrate and extend the development.”

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Innovating in the API economy with GeneXus

GeneXus has a set of APIs that allow different functionalities and integrations to be added to applications.

One of the main and new tools is the
API Object

, released as of
version 17


This object makes it possible to create a mediation layer, known as API Experience Management, making it possible to define the methods and parameters that need to be exposed outwardly.

“It is very difficult to solve all integration scenarios with a single API. That is why it is essential to have the flexibility to define different APIs and to be able to maintain them to solve any eventuality”.

Next, Eugenio explains in detail some of the GeneXus integration tools that make it easy to enter the world of APIs:

⚪ You can expose in the OpenAPI
standard, but you can also import third-party APIs that are not necessarily made with GeneXus in that same standard. You can also import APIs exposed with the OData

⚪ It is possible to deploy the APIs built with GeneXus in a Serverless
architecture. This allows for scalability and eliminates the concern that something could happen if many users access these APIs at the same time. This is also beneficial on the economic side, since there is usually a charge when these APIs are executed. GeneXus has support for Amazon Lambda
in the Amazon API Gateway infrastructure and also for Azure Functions
in the Microsoft Azure platform.

⚪ We also have a SAP certified connector
that allows us to work with the BAPIs and extend the ERP or integrate to read or record information in it.

⚪ We have the GeneXus AI
module, which encapsulates and abstracts from different machine learning models that all these vendors offer.

⚪ An important component that has been given in recent years, in terms of multi experience, and interaction with users, is the possibility of giving them a channel through a chat. Our
Chatbot Generator

allows us to train these chatbots in Google’s DialogFlow infrastructure, or through IBM Watson
and then deploy them so that they can be used, for example through WhatsApp or Telegram.

⚪ In terms of security we have the
GeneXus Access Manager (GAM)

, which supports a myriad of Federated Identity Providers through Open Id Connect
, OAuth 2.0 or SAML 2.0
. Our doors are open so that applications can perform the authentication process with any identity provider on the market. This solves the whole issue of permissions management and secures, in a very simple way, the APIs that we expose to the outside.

⚪ GeneXus has also solved the integration with payment method providers.

If you want to know more, be sure to watch the talk Innovating in the API Economy with GeneXus, given by Eugenio García as part of
GeneXus LIVE

. In the presentation he also explains how to work with GeneXus in different integration scenarios: on the one hand bringing information from a third party API and on the other hand exposing with GeneXus the API that others can use.

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