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Gastón Milano |
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Digital Border Declaration 2020 in Coronavirus UY App

Recently, the Minister of Tourism announced that tourism will be reopened to European citizens. You can read the article here: Uruguay will reopen tourism to European citizens

Therefore, I think it should also be noted that as part of this process the Coronavirus UY App will incorporate a new functionality for foreigners who come to Uruguay after the reopening of the country’s borders for visitors according to the Presidential Decree dated July 15

In this context, a system for the electronic reception, storage, and retrieval of the affidavits and tests required by the above decree is proposed to be implemented. 

Travelers begin the process of submitting a digital border declaration together with their PCR test (COVID-19) in their country of origin before starting their trip to Uruguay. The possibility of using paper copies of the form and the PCR test are considered for each step.

This system called “Digital Border Declaration” will allow starting the entry process to Uruguay and required controls in the travelers’ country of origin, thus avoiding the unnecessary handling of papers or other physical means and making the process more agile.

It is part of a broader system that is being developed by GeneXus Consulting (including the web form, border systems, back office, tasks for the Ministry, etc.). 

We at GeneXus are working on the app’s integration, so that the form is integrated into Coronavirus UY, where people can complete it and obtain the certificate (a PDF file with a QR code) to enter Uruguay. 

Some technical characteristics:

  • When used abroad, this is the only useful functionality of the app because its design doesn’t allow accessing other features.
  • A Button/Access has been added to the main screen of the Coronavirus UY mobile application to start the travelers’ declaration process. This process captures two sets of data: the affidavit and a scanned image/photo of the COVID-19 PCR test.
  • The Coronavirus UY app’s home screen and the travelers’ form screen allow users to choose one of the languages available: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • The form captures the “Traveler’s Health Declaration” data and generates a document that constitutes an affidavit.
  • The app allows users to upload several declarations/forms and attach a test for each form. For example, one parent uploads the declarations of their children and/or travel companions.

The Coronavirus UY application has been downloaded by more than 600,000 people, of which about 300,000 are active users and 200,000 have enabled exposure notifications. 

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Also, I invite you to download this paper on the Digital Strategy in Quarantine Times. 

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