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GX29: The top twenty-five

accepted: Make a GX29 Top 25

Making a short list of GX29 sessions is very difficult! The GeneXus Builders Meeting (aka GX29) was held in Montevideo on 23-25 September 2019 and offered about 180 sessions for all interests. High-quality presentations were given about current topics related to innovation, technology, and business. 

When Cinthia Soca asked me to create a list of outstanding sessions at GX29 (her actual words were “Top Ten”), I thought it was important. Each of us had different visions of the event and I thought I could contribute from my perspective. So, I was very excited to create the list and an article explaining it… at least until the moment I realized Cinthia had set me up…

There is no way to make this list and be satisfied. “Choosing is giving up,” they say, and as I moved forward by placing sessions on “my list,” I became more and more aware of the sessions I was leaving out.

It went through several iterations in which I was more or less aware that either I wasn’t being exhaustive or I wasn’t being inclusive or I wasn’t being selective… At one point I realized that I wasn’t making a list, but a copy of the conference grid.

So, I decided to split the list into several lists (and a couple of articles) so as not to look so bad with – or offend – anyone after all.

For this first list, I apologize to those who were left out. It was completely intentional, but without malice. ☺ I tried to include a little of everything, but I assure you that it lacked many things.

GX29: The top twenty-five

1) Opening Keynote Nicolás Jodal
2) GeneXus Up to date! Armin Bachmann
3) GeneXus in the short term Gastón Milano
4) GeneXus Platform – Development and Beyond.José Lamas Ríos
5) Chinese tales for designers Alejandro Urrutia
6) The roadmap to become an Intelligent Enterprise in the Experience Economy Alberto Oppenheimer
7) User Experience Design: The Evolution Mayda Kurdian
8) Qué puede aprender un desarrollador de un publicista  Pipe Stein
9) Data Management: An emerging discipline Fernando Brum
10) Learnings from code-with and innovating with top 400 companies Eduardo Mangarelli
11) Design Ops meets GeneXus Juan Michelini
12) Economy, Management and Digital Transformation. Bruno Gili
13) Leading beyond marketing José Clastornik
14) Waves, winters, science and technology: what I learned from Natural Language Processing Guillermo Moncecchi
15) The titanic future of ultra-automation in society José Elías
16) Democratizing Digital: Technology & Ethics. Tech and AI design principles Roberto Icasuriaga, Wilson Pais
17) UX: the era of end-to-end experience Valentina Raggio
18) Corporate Innovation  Sylvia Chebi
19) Reprogram for continuous delivery Florencia Pólcaro, Laura Aguiar
20) Builders in the API Economy Eugenio García
21) State of System Architectures Gastón Milano
22) Keynote Roberto Musso  Roberto Musso
23) The Hyperloop: Ticketless, Frictionless and Sustainable Bibop Gresta
24) Keynote Breogán Gonda Breogán Gonda
25) The red bird, $ 9 an hour and all for 2% Nicolás Jodal

Soon we will be releasing an additional list of talks related to Design, the state of the art of technologies, and GeneXus success stories.

Meanwhile, those who want to watch more presentations on other areas, topics, and technologies, can visit the Event website: www.genexus.com/GX29. All the sessions published are available in Spanish, and the Ballroom sessions in English. 



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