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Design Systems: 8 talks to keep you updated

Nowadays the market demands applications with increasingly complex designs and frictionless user experiences. The use of Design Systems is essential to achieve consistent designs and efficient development.

In short, a Design System is a tool created by systematized and reusable components that promotes integration and accelerate the interaction between designers and developers.

In these eight videos, we will talk about everything you need to know about Design Systems and GeneXus.

1. DesignOps Strategies: From Design to Code the GeneXus Way

Companies that work effectively with DesignOps have generated a significant competitive advantage over those that are not yet. In this talk, we will share some strategies to increase quality and minimize design implementation costs while creating or evolving software systems.

2. Modeling a Design System with Low-Code

Why is it important to have a scalable, maintainable, and adaptable Design System and model it with GeneXus? In this video, we will explore a complex design made by us for a travel agency based on the Atomic Design methodology.

3. Amplify Design Value and Impact at Scale with DesignOps

On many occasions, we ask ourselves how to deal with the handoff between design and development. At GeneXus, we focus on three pillars: tools, people, and processes. This methodology is called DesignOps, and in this video, we will see how to use it to amplify design and impact at scale.

4. How to model a Design System from scratch

We have to design a web application and a native one for a travel agency. How do we express the design of the screens in GeneXus with the new Design System Object? In this talk, we will build a solution in a few minutes, modeling design with GeneXus.

5. Unanimo Design System: Simplicity, Agility and Multi-platform

Unanimo, the Design System created by GeneXus, offers a solid basis for modeling the visual and interaction design of mission-critical and multi-experience applications.
With the new Design System Object and a set of proprietary resources, it provides excellent visualization and ease of modeling, no matter what platform the application is running on. Find out more in this talk!

6. Fiori Design System: Productivity integrating with SAP Systems

Learn how to combine Fiori Design System and GeneXus productivity tools to create and integrate software in the technological world of SAP. Do not miss it!

7. Increase Productivity and Automation with WorkWithPlus in GeneXus17

In this talk, we will present a preview of the latest versions of our products. We will show you the upcoming features in the integration of WorkWithPlus with the Angular generator and the Design System object.

8. A Design System-based Tool to Create a great User Experience while Increasing your Team’s Productivity

In GeneXus and K2BTools our mission is: to simplify software development to the maximum, to make applications increasingly sophisticated, in an increasingly simple way. This video will talk about a tool based on Design Systems that allows you to create applications with excellent user experiences, hiding complexity and increasing team productivity.

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