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Everything you need to know about GeneXus 17 (part 4 | Expanded DevOps)

Of the 4 pillars of GeneXus 17, in this post I will address DevOps and the associated improvements in GeneXus Server and GXtest.

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Among the wide range of tools offered by the GeneXus Low-Code platform to evolve systems and support them along the way, two tools stand out for the DevOps process: GeneXus Server and GXtest.

GeneXus Server is the ultimate tool for teamwork and versioning. This is where the knowledge repository is located. From there, the various production lines, including continuous integration and continuous delivery lines—also called CI/CD pipes—are assembled. 

Its new features include facilities for creating these pipes and viewing their status from the IDE itself, thus speeding up development and giving developers peace of mind by providing more information on the progress or impact of their changes.

In turn, GXtest allows modeling tests regardless of the technology used, and makes it possible to automate testing processes in each of the defined production development lines.

What are the most important enhancements in GXtest? You can model unit tests, user interface tests, web tests, and mobile tests. Now you can also group them in a new object called Test Suite in order to run a whole range of tests together.

In addition, tests can now be recorded from the GeneXus IDE; in this way, productivity is increased when creating new tests.  

Learn more about all these tools in the videos below:

Software Testing with GeneXus

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The importance of fostering a DevOps Culture

That’s all for this overview of the new features added to GeneXus 17 during this year, and the focus we’ve placed on each pillar!

GeneXus 17 is the Low-Code and Future-Proof platform for you to develop your mission-critical systems with peace of mind. 


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