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GeneXus Next: A New Leap Towards the Automated Creation of Mission Critical Systems

Artificial intelligence brings a revolutionary shift in the future of system development and opens the opportunity to make it accessible to a wider audience beyond IT professionals. GeneXus Next is a significant advancement in allowing individuals from various backgrounds to automatically get fully functional systems by simply expressing their business-level requirements in natural language.

In this new version of GeneXus Next, significant enhancements have been introduced. A notable addition is the bi-modal interaction capability, empowering users to actively participate in the creation of the model. Furthermore, users now have the flexibility to choose from multiple design systems, ensuring consistent visual experiences that are automatically applied. The generated applications benefit from fully integrated security measures and the automatic generation of business dashboards. These remarkable advancements are facilitated by an innovative component that simplifies the creation and evolution of AI-powered applications.

No-Code Edition

On previous iterations GeneXus Next showed how to automatically construct a system from a simple business description. It now takes a step further by incorporating user participation through a chat interface, enabling a collaborative approach in shaping the desired system. This innovative feature enhances the overall experience, empowering users to actively contribute their insights and requirements to the system modeling process. 

No-Code Edition with GeneXus Next

Data modeling plays a crucial role in the development of mission-critical systems. GeneXus Next introduces an innovative approach where Artificial Intelligence is employed to automatically create and modify a code-free business-level model. This is achieved through a chat interface that supports natural language interactions. While users enjoy this automated process, they also have the flexibility to actively contribute to the model by making direct additions or modifications whenever desired. This bi-modal interaction ensures a more efficient and personalized experience.

The modeling approach of GeneXus Next embraces a user-friendly conversation based on real-life concepts. Rather than delving into technical IT terminology such as primary keys, table indexes, or data types, users can provide additional details or request specific modifications via a chat interface, or even make direct changes on the current state of the model, always in terms of what the business needs. This empowers users to manage the crucial business aspects, leaving the technical implementation details to be automatically addressed by GeneXus Next.

The final application code is generated through an intermediate step that leverages the power of a low-code model and symbolic artificial intelligence. This trusted approach has been relied upon by GeneXus users for years to create and future-proof mission-critical applications. If a more sophisticated or complex system is required beyond what GeneXus Next automatically generates, users have the option to extend the low-code model using GeneXus. In such cases, they can also benefit from the support and expertise of an extensive network of solution partners, ensuring a seamless and scalable solution.

Design Systems

A well-crafted Design System provides consistency, efficiency, and user-friendly experiences throughout the application. It establishes a unified visual language, ensuring that every element and interaction aligns with the overall brand identity and guidelines. By employing a Design System, back office applications become more intuitive, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and accomplish tasks efficiently.

GeneXus Next offers the flexibility to choose from various Design Systems for your web back-office, including the Fiori SAP. This ensures that all application components and user interactions seamlessly adhere to the selected Design System automatically.


In today’s modern era, applications require a specialized authentication and authorization framework. GeneXus Next offers a comprehensive mechanism that provides a centralized scheme, encompassing all aspects of application authentication and authorization. This module automatically handles security controls and includes a variety of built-in authentication types, such as Local, Facebook, Twitter, Google, External Web Services, Custom, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, and WeChat.

Security with GeneXus Next


Users need to interact with companies through various touchpoints, such as web applications and native mobile applications, depending on timing and context. Offering these alternatives is crucial for ensuring user engagement and ease of use. However, the development, maintenance and evolution of these multiple touchpoints can be a resource-intensive task that often proves extremely challenging or even prohibitive. 

From the same business-level model, GeneXus Next can also automatically generate native mobile applications that are accessible through a Super App. This significantly reduces the time, effort, and costs of creating and maintaining multiple experiences and touchpoints for your systems’ end-users.

Multi Experience with GeneXus Next

Multi Experience with GeneXus Next Mobile

Business Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard that displays essential metrics, reports and graphics is very important for day-to-day operations, business performance and strategic decision-making. By consolidating key data and presenting it in a visually appealing and easily digestible format, the dashboard empowers users to monitor and analyze critical aspects of the business, so that they can efficiently track key performance indicators, identify trends and promptly address any issues.

GeneXus Next takes an important step by utilizing AI to identify relevant business information for creating a business dashboard. It automatically implements the necessary data queries and visualizations to enable an efficient and effective dashboard experience.

Business Dashboards with GeneXus Next

One More Thing: SAIA 

GeneXus Next harnesses the power of AI through the innovative SAIA component, which facilitates the connection and usage of Large Language Models (LLMs) from various sources.

The effective utilization of AI services for applications entails numerous challenges, including the configuration of connection parameters specific to each provider, model and version, as well as managing versioning, observability, cost and security aspects, among others.

SAIA is specifically designed to address these obstacles. It offers an easy-to-setup, provider-independent and future-proof interface for applications. SAIA also incorporates predefined use case templates, such as search and chat functionality for private unstructured information.

The Spine of AI Applications

You may configure each of your assistants choosing between different providers and select the model and parameters that best suit your needs. This allows decoupling your client applications from these details or their eventual changes in the future.

An integrated playground lets you to easily and efficiently test and optimize your prompts, and you may also save separate revisions of them, so as to keep track of their evolution and simplify the operation of multiple clients or release stages.

Additionally, SAIA allows you to bring your documents to life with Live Documents. Imagine the chance of uploading documents to your application, including user manuals, technical specifications, legal regulations and other relevant content, and combining it with an AI assistant capable of interpreting these documents, offering explanations and answering user questions through a chat interface, using natural language interactions.

SAIA Live Document Editing

With Live Documents, you can engage in real conversations with your uploaded documents. This empowers users to directly access vital information within the application, eliminating the need to search for external resources or contact support, which saves valuable time and effort for both users and support teams while fostering a deeper understanding of the material.

In conclusion, SAIA greatly simplifies AI integration, enables rapid deployment of AI-powered features and, even more important, ensures applications can keep up with the fast-paced advancements in the industry.

It’s time to join the AI Revolution!

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