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The GX28 KB is available for all GeneXus developers to test it with their own Apps!

Remember the app from the GX28 GeneXus Meeting? The building of the App was based on all the news announced upon the release of GeneXus 16 for developing mobile applications. We wanted to try out all the features related to design & UX, chatbots, artificial intelligence and integration with new devices, among other things (the GX28 app was available for mobile, web, TV and wearables).

As a software company that provides tools to developers, putting our own innovations to the test is of the essence, and a way to find for ourselves what the IT industry is calling for. So, considering the significance of what the GeneXus Meetings represent, we tested GeneXus 16 with these applications, for they represent a mission critical issue to the Community. If they don’t work out well, they would pose a big problem to the thousands of people who attend the Meetings in person or follow them through the Internet.

Here is a video that illustrates the App’s interface on Apple TV. Those interested in further details regarding the news that GeneXus 16 brings along for iOS, may watch the  presentation by Fabián Inthamoussu at the GX28 .

Following the GeneXus Meeting and the launch of GeneXus 16, we decided to share with the public the Knowledge Base (KB) used in developing the app, with the purpose of providing GeneXus users and clients with an aid for the development of their new applications.

Why was the KB from GX28 made available and what for?

  • For every developer to be able to download the KB of the GX Meeting application and then execute similar applications to those of an event like the GX28.
  • Also because it’s useful to have the enriching possibility of viewing examples on how some functionalities have been implemented, and profiting from the knowledge put into developing those applications with GeneXus 16. The purpose is to convey all the experience and learning we acquired with that project to the whole Community.
  • For the Community to cooperate, in turn, with the KB’s maintenance and new functionalities, while contributing their recommendations derived from their own experience with the KB and publishing their examples.

As a software development community, it is important to share examples of Knowledge Bases meant for actual projects where we encounter the typical challenges posed by a development activity. And based on that experience, we enhanced the applications of GX28 and continued to improve the GeneXus 16 tool as we applied it to a real project.  

Features of the GX28 Knowledge Base

The KB was developed with GeneXus 16, and it contains all the objects used to develop the website, the applications for iOS and Android, and the applications for Apple TV and Apple Watch as well.

The KB itself is a huge source of examples relative to the functionalities of GeneXus 16, GAM, Chatbots, AI, Push Notifications, Responsive Web Design, Stencils, User Controls 2.0, and many more.  

The GX28 KB is Open Source, therefore, it’s available for the Community to download, in addition to creating the environment and registering at the forum to contribute with suggestions, maintenance and new functionalities.

If you are eager about trying the GX28 KB, in addition to prompting you to download the Knowledge Base of the GeneXus Meeting, I also invite you to watch my presentation, here:

GX28 Mobile: GeneXus 16 at its best

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  1. Hola Fabian, muy interesante que compartan la KB para asi como tu comentas ver ejemplos de funcionalidades entre otros, me queda una duda, no veo el link de descarga de la KB

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