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KPI SIGPROD Platform: Higher Productivity and Zero Accidents in Chilean Mining Companies

El Propósito Inversiones is a company focused on the mining sector that employs professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field. 

Their expertise has allowed them to understand the management requirements of the mining market, including the need for a technology system that could increase the productivity of contracts, services, maintenance, or construction. In addition, they identified another priority, which was to provide technology tools that encompassed the best practices required for Job Safety. As a result, the KPI SIGPROD application was created based on the experience of contract managers working in different mining companies.

The objective of the app KPI SIGPROD (Comprehensive Productivity Management System) is to increase the mining companies’ productivity through online monitoring of service contracts and a positive impact on statistics of zero accidents at work.

KPI SIGPROD Platform Features

Its administrative part is a system that controls entry/exit times and percentages of the daily progress of scheduled activity versus activity performed. Also, it controls the equipment and machinery provided by the company that delivers the service and compliance with the propagation of compulsory HSEC prevention tools. 

The application is a support tool that enables online data collection to prepare management reports and improve the efficiency and productivity of HR and materials, allowing for continuous improvement.

A study of a group of mining companies has estimated that for every 30 minutes of inefficiency about 775,833,333 Chilean pesos (1,172,000 US dollars) across 300 contracts are lost every month. For this reason, the increase in productivity is one of the most obvious benefits of this app, which allows measuring percentages of the daily progress of programmed activity versus performed activity.

Another important benefit of this application is related to load lifting and the fatality risk index, because the companies that have used KPI SIGPRO have experienced no accidents.

El Propósito Inversiones has gained vast experience in relation to load lifting with high tonnage equipment working on projects of up to 350 tons. Load lifting is a high risk operation due to the conditions involved, including the load weight itself, the force required, the need for coordination between all participants, and proper functioning of equipment and accessories.

This is a priority issue which has recently been addressed by the Minister of Mining, who stated that one of the big challenges of the Chilean Government is to achieve the goal of zero accidents in the mining industry: “Caring for the life and physical integrity of our people is an ethical imperative,” said BALDO PROKURICA. In this regard, the correct handling of load lifting variables and values has a direct impact on job safety.

GeneXus as Technology Means

Fernando García Cordero, Business Manager at El propósito Inversiones speaks about how using GeneXus has helped them to be more flexible and agile to adapt to the different requirements of each mining company:

GeneXus provides the necessary flexibility to take the changes logically made in the system and adapt them in such a way that it can continue to function as before. This is an important value contribution when developing an idea that starts from a vision.”

Watch the following video (in spanich) to discover how software has helped realize the company’s vision to assist the mining industry:

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