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Cinthia Soca |
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Heel: Natural Medicine optimally managed with cloud-based sales management technology

–an international company founded in Germany in 1936 that is considered a pioneer in the concept of natural medicine– has implemented an agile, cloud-based sales system with the assistance of ADMAIN Consultores for its subsidiary in Chile.

Heel, the company offering natural medicine products, knew that they had a wealth of information that wasn’t being fully exploited. For example, which products in the catalog were the most viewed, how long it took a customer to review each catalog or which catalog section was not delivering value and, lastly, the salespeople’s performance. “Technically, we knew about the existence of mobile device technology to have digital documentation that could be managed remotely. That’s why it was essential for Heel to obtain the information generated by salespeople working on the ground. This allowed us to improve both the sales processes and catalogs –which are now digital– by redesigning them in an agile manner and eliminating the time and resource costs for printing and distribution,” says Heel’s executive staff.

In addition, ADMAIN Consultores was aware of this cross-cutting need related to having more and better information about what was happening with on-the-ground documentation, whether from sales, operations or training: “That’s why we decided to build the product, publish it in the cloud, and distribute it in SaaS mode.”

The project consisted of developing a documentation management solution for mobiles that could be adapted to the needs of different areas, to meet the challenge of having centralized documentation on mobile devices which sometimes are offline and associated with campaigns or configured by an administrator through a web backend.

In view of Heel’s need, ADMAIN provided the necessary support to adapt the solution to the client’s requirements. In this context, the Software as a Service mode was highly valuable for the client, “because they don’t have to worry about deployment or maintenance of servers or infrastructure. Instead, their information is available 24 hours a day with the highest security features.”

Heel currently has a cloud service that allows managing and monitoring sales on the ground through centralized documentation and campaign management. In addition, it provides relevant information regarding salespeople’s performance and the way in which Heel’s customers use each digital catalog.

The project lasted 3 months, of which two were devoted to development tasks and the last one to implementation and publication.

Nine months after its release, it is currently used by all the client’s medical visitors (at least 30 concurrent users), generating at least 4,000 daily transaction records. Six campaigns have been configured, with complete traceability for individual dates and users. Overall, more than 100 versions of documents have been published.

“We decided to develop this product with GeneXus due to the flexibility it gave us in each implementation to adapt to each client. And, of course, because we needed to have the app available in each native SD platform,” says the project lead at ADMAIN Consultores.



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