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GeneXus in Chile (part 2) GeneXus in Chile TOP TEN

Here is the Top Ten list of companies that currently use GeneXus to leverage Digital Transformation in collaboration with two local partners:
Sonda and GXpert.

Do you want to know where GeneXus for SAP Systems is being used?  

Sonda and GXpert present a list of 10 companies from various sectors in which GeneXus is currently installed.

#1 CTI S.A. – Manufacturing

Chile’s largest manufacturer of home appliances uses GeneXus for SAP Systems in the following solutions:

  • CCS (Customer Care System) – Web Model for after-sales service used by 18 countries in Latin America with SAP integration via WS.
  • SISPUB (Products Exports Portal) – Responsive Web Model for clients in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia with SAP integration.
  • SISVEX (Spare Parts Sales and Exports Portal) – Web Model for sales of spare parts and aftermarket service in Latin America with SAP integration.
  • Logistics Portal, Supply Chain Web Model for inbound suppliers with SAP integration.

#2 Marine Harvest

GISMarine is a technology solution for the fish farming industry developed by GXconsultores.

Marine Harvest Chile is engaged in the production, processing, and distribution of different varieties of salmon.
At present, it represents approximately 30 percent of the global industry, which makes it one of the largest companies in this sector.
It has recently decided to migrate and optimize the Geographic Information System “GISmarine” in order to improve the flexibility and growth capacity of the main support tool for the company’s strategic decision-making process.

#3 COLUN – Agricultural and Dairy Cooperative

Colun has C/S applications that capture data directly from the production line, and print labels containing production order/batch information.
 Other mobile and web applications developed with GeneXus include:

  • Android offline mobile app for taking orders on site.
    The app is synchronized with SAP ECC.
    It is used by 150 salespeople to send 3,000 orders daily.
  • Android offline mobile app for collecting agronomic data in the field.
    The app is synchronized with internal milk procurement systems.
    It is used by 20 agronomists to generate 40 daily records.
  • The web apps for interacting with producers

    are developed with GeneXus.
  • The Agricultural Lab System is another web app developed with GeneXus.
    The system is synchronized with SAP.

#4 Turbus – Transport

Turbus, the leading passenger transport company in Chile,
has used GeneXus to build mobile applications for field work, a service layer for ticket sales through digital channels, and other systems for company operations.

#5 Browse – Software Engineering

Browse has used GeneXus since it was first released, and currently all its products are developed with GeneXus, fully generated in Java for multiple databases.
These systems are complemented with mobile devices that provide services to operational staff and managers.
SIGPER, a personnel management system; College ERP, CGU+Plus / Finance, CGU+Plus / SGCH and CGU+Plus.

It provides services to a wide community of institutions and companies throughout the country, as well as in Peru and Ecuador.

#6 Kaufmann – Automotive Dealership

Kaufmann, one of the main players in the automotive retail sector,
distributes Mercedes-Benz and other brands of cargo and passenger vehicles in Chile.
It uses GeneXus to develop various apps connected to SAP ERP.

#7 Help S.A. – Emergency Medical Service

Help, the emergency medical services company, provides a web app developed with GeneXus for its membership service.

#8 Banchile Vida and SegChile

It’s the main local life insurance and general insurance company,
with a client portfolio of over 3 million clients.
Its core insurance system called “Enlace” is probably the world’s most complete and modern insurance software created with GeneXus.
All this complexity is maintained with a high-performance development team of only 6 people.

#9 Copefrut

Copefrut is one of the top 5 fruit growers in Chile, together with Unifrutti and David del Curto (which also use GeneXus for their software development).
Copefrut and Unifrutti are using GeneXus to develop the next generation of core business systems for fruit companies, and replace the current systems developed in old platforms (AS400 and Windows client/server).

#10 CCU United Beer Companies

This Chilean beer company uses CPG S&D Premium software, a sales and distribution system with GeneXus full web technology development.


*This report was prepared with the special collaboration of Guillermo Gonzales, Lorena Vargas, Federico Marsiglia (GXpert) and Enrique Ramírez (SONDA). Thank You!

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