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Full Stack Developer vs Low-Code Developer

Today, there are two clear paradigms related to software development. On one hand, there are programmers who focus on technology and, on the other hand, there are those programmers who focus on delivering results quickly. 

In the first category, there are those called Full Stack Developers or full stack programmers.  

In the second one, we find developers who use Low-Code tools or platforms.

What characteristics distinguish these two types of programmers?

There is no specific university degree to become a Full Stack Developer or a Low-Code developer

They have a similar background, namely the logical-mathematical knowledge to be able to program and the ability to solve problems.

Since there is no formal definition of each of these types of programmers, it is worth asking whether the main difference between them lies in their knowledge or in their profile. 

In my opinion, the main difference lies in the profile of each of these programmers. 

Full Stack Developers must be continuously studying new technologies to keep their knowledge up to date, because the value they offer is precisely to master the most popular technologies, which change over time.

This ongoing focus on understanding technological evolution requires time and effort, which in turn takes time and effort away from other types of activities that they could be doing. 

On the contrary, Low-Code developers do not chase after technology; also, they have a less technical profile and focus on clearly understanding the client’s problem and offering a solution.

Since they are supported by a Low-Code platform, they can ignore the evolution of technology: they trust the platform they use will take care of that.

Low-Code Developers usually have functional knowledge, such as accounting, finance, payroll and a broad understanding of how businesses work.

By being able to ignore low-level technical aspects, they are able to devote more time to functional aspects.

Therefore, if we had to describe in one sentence the difference between Full-Stack Developers and Low-Code Developers, I would say that the former are always trying to keep up with the latest trends in technology to be able to use them.

Meanwhile, Low-Code Developers are not concerned about this problem; they leave it to the platform they use as a generator and focus on finding solutions for their clients.

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