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Software development at the speed of the pandemic

pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Low-Code platforms such as GeneXus to achieve business digitalization.
In this context, the Covid.uy application is a good example of the power of this technology. Here is a summary of the 9 key features that enabled its success.

COVID-19 has been a powerful trigger of digital transformation. Its urgency forced development teams to release applications at a speed never thought of before, because it was no longer possible to spend weeks defining requirements, designing interfaces, or coding prototypes in order to obtain results. These entire processes are now measured in weeks or even days. 

Having technology that automates code generation has allowed many companies to respond to the need to create applications much faster than they were used to. 

Below are 9 features of GeneXus that made it possible to respond to these new development speed requirements:

  1. Incremental Development 
  2. DesignOps Tools 
  3. Multi-experience and Integration
  4. Unit Testing and Continuous Integration
  5. Business Process Modeling
  6. Interoperability
  7. Teamwork and Agile Versioning
  8. Security
  9. Performance

The paper “Development at the speed of the pandemic: 9 GeneXus key features for the success of Covid.uy” contains more information about each of these valuable features that explain the success of low-code technology development and bring confidence in times of uncertainty.


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