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The advantages of GeneXus for developing future-proof, Low-Code software, according to US CIO

James Reed is Software Development Manager at Madden & Co. (MaddenCo
). This video is an account of his career as a professional developer, during which he generated software in COBOL, Java, and a variety of software development languages that evolved through time.  

If you are not using GX, then you must have a team of professionals knowledgeable about Javascript, with some html, and maybe Java or C#, depending on which one of those platforms you are on. GeneXus offers that all together! I don’t have to worry about being an Android expert or being an iOS expert. I can develop to all of those platforms, and knowing I do it on just one single development platform. 

Using GeneXus involves several benefits.
For one, you don’t need to be concerned about learning one development tool. Our staff remains small. We have a complex system that’s over 15 thousand objects. And for the longest, I was done with just two developers (…) As an IT Manager I would recommend taking a look at GX, definitely because if you’re already a shop that is developing your own in-house software and the next wave of digital transformation takes place, you will have to start all over again in re-writing your software for the new platform. GX allows you to carry your code forward without having to do all that hard rework, which we call future-proofing our code.”

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