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GeneXus Career: Everything You Need to Know

The “
GeneXus Career

” is an educational program focused on providing the necessary knowledge to develop applications with GeneXus.

Studies are offered in three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese; and they can be:

, with self-study materials.

with access to a Learning Management System (LMS), real-time online classes, practical projects, personalized guidance from experts, and international certifications.

After completing each course, students have the option to take an exam. Those who successfully pass this evaluation receive an internationally recognized certification. Graduates’ names are also included in the
GeneXus Technicians list

, providing an additional benefit for standing out in the job market.

Currently, the GeneXus Career Plan
consists of the following specializations:

  • GeneXus.
  • GeneXus BPM Suite.
  • GeneXus For Mobile.

Below, we detail which courses and exams correspond to each career plan:

GeneXus Plan

1- Junior GeneXus Analyst

This training is ideal for learning GeneXus from scratch.

It is recommended to have basic knowledge of programming and databases. If you don’t have them, you can catch up with this content on
Generalities about Computer Systems



GeneXus Core (Junior Level)

2- GeneXus Analyst

In this course, we delve into the logic of GeneXus to master the platform and build digital solutions of any complexity with minimal effort.


GeneXus Advanced (Intermediate Level)

For those who have already passed the GeneXus Core Course (Junior GeneXus Analyst).

3- Senior GeneXus Analyst

Geared towards those who have already passed the GeneXus Core and GeneXus Advanced courses (GeneXus Analysts).

GeneXus Proficiency Course


Exam: GeneXus Proficiency (Senior Level)

4- GeneXus Instructor

Geared towards Senior GeneXus Analysts.

GeneXus Proficiency


GeneXus Instructor

(Instructor Level)

GeneXus BPM Suite Plan

1- Junior GeneXus Analyst

For this first level, the GeneXus Core Course is recommended (which can be f
ree for self-study

) or at
a cost

(includes LMS platform and teacher support, among other benefits).

The corresponding exam is the GeneXus Core (Junior Level).

2- GeneXus BPM Suite Analyst

This level is aimed at those who have already passed the GeneXus Core Course (Junior GeneXus Analysts) and need to learn how to automate and manage processes using GeneXus BPM Suite technology.


GeneXus BPM Suite (Intermediate Level)

3- GeneXus BPM Suite Instructor

Intended for GeneXus BPM Suite Analysts with a teaching profile who want to start teaching the GeneXus BPM Suite course.

GeneXus BPM Suite


GeneXus BPM Suite Instructor

(Instructor Level)

GeneXus for Mobile Plan

1- Junior GeneXus Analyst

Just like in the GeneXus and GeneXus BPM Suite Plans, those who want to focus their studies on Mobile should take the GeneXus Core Course, which can be


(with live online classes and teacher support).

2- GeneXus Analyst for Mobile

The content of this course is aimed at those who have already passed the GeneXus Core Course (Junior GeneXus Analysts) and want to learn how to develop native mobile applications with GeneXus for Apple and Android.


GeneXus for Mobile

If you have any questions or are interested in our courses, you can write to training@genexus.com or visit the website of our GeneXus Training academy.

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