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Cinthia Soca |
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3 GeneXus advantages that MAS Insurance Mexico found for its systems

Since its opening in 1986, the Mexican insurance company MAS Seguros (Marketing and Consultancy Services) has been offering its customers innovative products for improved risk management with its highly-qualified personnel, strongly committed to excellence, with an enthusiastic spirit for serving. Today, with over 25,000 vehicle insurance policies, this company is an icon in the Mexican transportation market in what concerns risk assistance and logistics. 

In the following video, the company’s Operations Technology & Efficiency Manager, José Leonardo Rodríguez, shares his experience with GeneXus and the benefits obtained in developing software in a productive and efficient manner.


“Thanks to GeneXus, we could reduce the time required for development by 50%. As we faced the challenge of developing new business process at a fast pace, we were able to offer more immediate solutions that lead us to a strong position in relation to our competitors.


“GeneXus helped us in modeling much quicker for our demos with customers, allowing a better implementation to fit our business needs.”


“GeneXus offers accessibility. The system may be used from tablets, mobile phones or desktop computers. It is both multi-platform and responsive, and enables greater capacity for responding to the market’s needs.”

Having included these strengths in its platforms, MAS is determined to continue expanding in the mobile development field, based on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

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