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Cinthia Soca |
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The moving office by Neuronic: A new solution for a new problem

In a country house in the hills of Córdoba, 20 developers from Argentina and Uruguay got together to work collaboratively on different projects. 

They each did their own work, but also lived together in a special setting they called The Moving Office–a nomadic office born out of the need for human contact after two years of remote work.

“We don’t have maids or a chef; we cook and clean ourselves, enjoying time as a team,” says Gabriel Medina, who was part of the experience working on a project.

For Germán Rampo, CEO of Neuronic and promoter of The Moving Office 2022, a ‘100% home office forever’ company has the advantage that “
our team is prepared to move around the globe, and can work with only a computer and an internet connection

.” This, in turn, expands their opportunities to reach clients that previously seemed too far away.

“With an internet connection, we can work from anywhere; remote work is flexible in terms of space. That opens up a range of possibilities, because there are no limits to travel and work at the same time


In addition, Rampo adds: “
Bringing together part of our team at The Moving Office 2022 allowed us to improve our work bonds and strengthen us as a group. After this experience, we are looking forward to seeing each other again before the end of the year


Where will The Moving Office 2022 go next? What will be its destination?

Take a look at the video that Neuronic shared with us and try to find out :)

* video in spanish

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