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Browse: Experience, Low-Code Transformation, and Technology Acceleration in Chile

Browse has not only been working with GeneXus for more than 30 years, it was its first distributor in Latin America! It started by introducing a software product, which was unique at the time, in the Andean lands. Today, it provides technology solutions for administrative and management areas of various industries such as commerce, finance, retail, and logistics, as well as government institutions and the armed forces. During the pandemic, it added three new sectors: agriculture and livestock, education, and health.

It is present in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. With

, a government management suite, the company administers the financial, asset, service, and people management systems of Chile’s branches of government, including the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Navy, the Army, the Judiciary and several State Departments, thus contributing to management transparency. In addition, it provides the systems


For Browse, the pandemic “
brought about a major change in the way we work, which is now 100% remote for our approximately 150 employees

.” Also, it doubled the growth rate of its staff, says corporate director Manuel Donoso, surrounded by greenery and birds, from his country house an hour from Santiago de Chile.

Digital Transformation home office

In his opinion, the pandemic was also a time to value the planet and appreciate irreplaceable values, such as the face-to-face interaction or hallway chats that took place in one of Browse’s three offices in Chile.

Getting through the pandemic by implementing new solutions

In addition to expanding the team, this period involved implementing new and timely solutions: “
GeneXus has been crucial for us, given that many software companies can’t survive the constant changes in technology that have shaped the software industry throughout its history. We have always been able to overcome those changes–from Win to Web, for example–so when the pandemic and its high demand occurred, we were prepared.

The program’s flexibility allowed them to ensure development continuity, modernize their platforms, and expand. 

In this scenario, Donoso affirms that CGU+Plus is the ultimate solution
, supporting the entire administration cycle of institutions, from budget formulation by generating the reports required by the Ministry of Finance, and integrating with each institution’s own systems (SIGFE, Public Market, SUSESO, INE Banks, Civil Registry, Compensation Funds, SIAPER, Previred, IMED, SII and the General Treasury of the Republic).

In addition, Donoso highlights the solution that BROWSE began to implement while going through the turbulence of the pandemic: HarmoniMD
, a comprehensive and integrated solution. Thanks to interoperability in different areas, including
Hospital and Outpatient Management – Government Hospital ERP – HL7 BIZUIT Integration Platform, unified hospital management is streamlined, allowing single Electronic Health Records to be available across doctor’s offices, rural health care centers, and hospitals so that patients can have their medical records available anywhere in the country.  

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