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Digital Acceleration: Crisis→ Opportunity

is the story of transformation and growth of NEURONIC, a software house in Argentina that offers consultancy and development with GeneXus.

CEO Germán Rampo describes the company prior to the pandemic, and, among other things, how they adapted to home-office and the significance of Low-Code technology in a digital acceleration context. 

For 11 years, Neuronic has been creating and developing software to encompass the digital transformation of client companies. Since then, it has used GeneXus to successfully conclude over 100 projects related to intelligent software development and innovation. The transformation they were managing for other enterprises finally reached their own company in March 2020 –as it happened to many– due to pandemic’s global expansion. 

“We recall that, and it seems only yesterday,” says NEURONIC CEO Germán Rampo as he refers to the day when they decided to leave the office behind and start working from home. “We were a 7-member team and the company was doing quite well, but we had growing issues due to the lack of human resources affecting our region.”

– Workwise, what was your experience during the pandemic?

 – At NEURONIC, were always on the go.  The work that quickly multiplied brought along an immediate great demand for digital processes that turned prospects into clients and drove existing clients to intensify their requirements.

Clients realized that we could serve them remotely, so we consolidated that service mode by combining teamwork with the implementation of strategies and tools meant for collaboration. 

As we entered our fourth month of lockdown, we admitted that we would never resume in-person work, so we started to reorganize Neuronic’s whole management strategy to turn it into a 100% home-office-forever company, as we like to call it now.

– How did you rely on GeneXus?

– GeneXus is one of the reasons for Neuronic’s proper functioning. Our team’s significant know how regarding both the tool and the GeneXus community was also crucial for ensuring that we could go on providing our services regardless of mode, and to continue coming up with solutions beyond each client’s expectations.

Another strong aid was the video materials of training.genexus.com, which enabled a restructuring of the way we give support to trainees during their initial steps.   

With GeneXus, we were able to guarantee utmost productivity and cutting-edge technology at all times.  

Neuronic is what it is partly due to having GeneXus as its main tool. We doubt that a different tool could have enabled such a significant and fast growth with the possibility of preserving our service quality.

– What were the challenges you had to face?

– Our challenges were the same as in any quick growing enterprise; where the main difficulty lies in a shift of mindset for comprehending that many things we used to do in a certain way must necessarily change and become formal, professional and specialized. 

Losing the contact of our office environment implied yet another challenge: overcoming the loneliness that came with the lockdown.  

Likewise, there was a technical challenge in having to ensure accessibility, connectivity and processing capacity to a number of people much greater than what we were dealing with just a few months before.

How did you go about those challenges?

– We sought training for it, and also pursued a strong policy that implied delegating work and conveying professional status to areas in which we still continue to advance. 

The issues of loneliness and distance can be solved with collaborative tools like our virtual office where we meet on a daily basis, or different Whatsapp groups, email forums, video call meetings with the whole team, and virtual meetings for each project, besides activities like English speaking courses, active pauses and in-person meetings at the end of the year. For 2022, we will also be implementing a mid-year meeting. 

Another important aspect has been the outstanding job done by the marketing team who keep up the internal communication regarding all that goes on at Neuronic. 

These actions are aimed at strengthening our communication, our cohesion and our sense of belonging within the Neuronic Team.

The technical issues were solved with investment, which basically included an increased capacity for virtualization with new servers, a broader bandwidth for our second fiber optics connection, and the installation of a system with “extended service UPS”, allowing the possibility of multiple hours of power supply for the event of possible outages.

All this ensures services for our developers, who enter their work environments at different hours and from diverse geographical locations. 

– Which were the opportunities detected?

We found the opportunity of home-office work. With our quick decision to turn the enterprise into home office 100% forever, we could re-calculate our expectations and strategies and gained encouragement to hire people from throughout Argentina. 

Today, our team includes 30 professionals from seven provinces. This would have been unfeasible considering home office as a temporary thing.

– What is the current situation?

– Our situation of permanent growth includes a project for setting up a software factory, negotiations with a giant from the e-learning industry towards obtaining staff certifications, and investments in technology to sustain our expected growth for 2022. We are also seeking the application of laws to promote our activity; but most of all, we always stick by tour motto: “Neuronic must be a good place to work at.

We are constantly aware of the concerns and needs of every member in our team. As we have made it clear in our Vision and Mission, apart from fulfilling clients’ expectations and maintaining high standards in the technology we apply, we also focus on causing a positive impact in the lives of those who are part of the company, and, of course, on BEING HAPPY. 

Part of the Neuronic team in 2021

Part of the Neuronic team in 2021

¡Neuronic today!

¡Neuronic today!

¡Neuronic today!

¡Neuronic today!

“Our team is spread out throughout the country. Despite our common language, the “Neuronic Team” meetings include all sorts of accents, and GeneXus ends up being called GX, “yenexus”, “gene exus”, and many other ways! Diversity is one of our basic values.”

“At the end of 2021 we re-named our “year-end get-together” as “RealMeet2021” because all our contacts are Virtual Meet, and that was one of our few actual meetings. It was a total success, with people traveling thousands of miles to attend. The three-day event took place in the city of Rosario, and we plan on keeping the name RealMeets for all our yearly events.”

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