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People Engagement at SAP NOW® Mexico

You enter through a door that looks like a futuristic tunnel, and your name is displayed on the floor as you step on the tiles that are a sort of LED projectors: this is how SAP welcomed us at the 10
edition of SAP NOW Mexico. A rather unusual experience, isn’t it? 

This welcome is not coincidental or simply an act of technological prowess to attract attention, but the goal that SAP has been insisting on

: Customization time is here! 

With technology on our side, the challenge is to know our client during the pre-sale process and later, in the post-sale stage, in order to provide highly customized experiences. Today, this is the key to success (People Engagement). 

This is the time for customer experience (CX) 

Gabriel Simonet explains it very clearly in his post
4 Experiences from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

:  “
Businesses across industries are discovering the power of customer experiences and the danger of ignoring it. Great experiences don’t happen in a vacuum. From employee engagement to supply chain management, everything has the potential to impact the customer or end user.”

It’s all about providing the best experience with no compromises. Integrating the experience economy 
feelings, beliefs, emotions
 with companies’ operational data and thus impacting the business. An intelligent business strategy that enables companies to turn data into intelligence, automating processes and driving innovation to make better decisions with real-time data or to predict future results based on data.

In that sense, the opening keynote 
led by Desmond Mullarkey (Managing Director, SAP Mexico)
 was strongly focused on the success stories of companies that are using the power of SAP Hana to achieve this level of knowledge and experience, from and for their customers. 

During the presentation, some SAP use cases were presented that explained how they addressed business aspects in these three dimensions: in an intelligent, profitable and sustainable way; generating continuous value in this world of ongoing changes and new challenges. The Mexican companies that shared how they innovated through technology to become smart companies were Chedraui, Xcaret, Tec de Monterrey, LALA, RCD Hotels, Difatsa, and Gayosso.

If you want to learn more about CX (Customer Experience), I recommend the interview

The key is to link operational data to experience data

” to Armando Rodríguez, Marketing Vice President for Latin America at SAP.

GeneXus’ booth stands out with GeneXus for SAP

GeneXus was present at this high-profile event with a booth that showed the possibilities offered by
GeneXus for SAP Systems

. It attracted hundreds of visitors who wanted to learn first-hand how to use
the low-code paradigm

in order to extend the features not fully provided by their ERP for their businesses and thus gain deep insight about their customers. 

During the event, hundreds of people approached us with specific issues that they could not solve directly, and were surprised by the power of our platform when they saw how to solve them with GeneXus.

GeneXus is a SAP partner thanks to its ability for extension and integration with the ERP.

You’re invited
to contact me if you want to discuss how we can accelerate your company’s growth with GeneXus for SAP.

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