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Cinthia Soca |
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Interaction App for Viña del Mar Music Festival

like Viña del Mar Music Festival allows many music artists to reach the Chilean audience, the app Viña 2017 brought the festival closer to all its fans.
The festival was experienced from mobile devices, with detailed information about the artists and official programming, as well as interaction with the Festival’s social networks and notifications when the users’ favorite artists were on stage.

The famous Chilean festival offered the app Festival Viña del Mar 2017, which was available for iOS and Android, and was created by ADMAIN Consultores Limitada in collaboration with www.pixelstudio.cl/ . The app served as an ideal communication and interaction channel, because in addition to organizing all the information about the program and artists, it provided information about other activities –well-known and expected by all Chileans– including the election of the festival’s queen, the “special morning editions,” and the possibility for the audience to interact.

In this setting, where the festival is already part of an established tradition, bringing together generations and generating conversations about a particular artist or song, the developers considered it essential to offer a mobile application.

Esteban Montenegro, who was in charge of developing the App at ADMAIN Consultores, says the following about the need for a Viña mobile App: “Certainly, a mobile application that can deliver information about the festival is necessary. It’s a current need, and the festival is an event that crosses borders. Being able to see the date when your favorite artist will perform, the program, scheduled time, etc., provides independence from the channel or media outlet broadcasting the show. The fact that you are notified when your favorite artist’s performance is about to start is very convenient when you’re abroad; for example, due to time differences. With the app, loyalty, speed, and fluid communication with the audience have been achieved, because it gives one-stop access to news, programming, artists, competitions and juries.” Also, the app allows sharing opinions in social networks and online streaming.

Some technical details:

The Viña app was developed with the latest version of GeneXus using Live Editing technology. In addition, a UI/UX design expert joined the development team to create a native application that could also work offline.

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