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Impressions from the 2019 GeneXus Chile Event

had the opportunity to introduce the GeneXus community in Chile to what we’re doing in GeneXus to accelerate application development around SAP systems and take advantage of all the new features of SAP Cloud Platform.

But before going into this, I’d like to mention that the event was opened by our CEO Nicolás Jodal, who described the three skills businesses should build in a world where technology is advancing increasingly faster. They can be summed up as follows: Knowing how to experiment; that is to say, discovering what you can do today that wasn’t possible before and being able to test it fast through the construction of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The second skill is being able to have a one-to-one relationship with customers, which is possible today because we live in a digitally connected world and this compels us to deliver the best possible user experience. The third one is to continuously evaluate your business model, taking the necessary time to think and assess the purpose of your business and the value you provide, confirming that it remains valid in the current context. Lastly, Jodal left attendees with a thought-provoking message:

We must strive to become digitally resilient so that the world is an opportunity and not a threat.

After this keynote, our platform partners DVelop and K2BTools gave presentations in which they talked about the new features of their products that help accelerate application development with GeneXus even further, and allow using different Design Systems to create applications with a UX strategy that considers current trends in design and interactions required by users when developing software.

Also, our distributors GXpert and SONDA were at the event to talk about relevant topics such as productivity when developing quality software and Cyber security.

Finally, I closed the event speaking about the opportunities we identify for the GeneXus Community in the SAP ecosystem. To leverage these opportunities, we have developed a GeneXus edition called GeneXus for SAP Systems.

n this GeneXus edition, we seek to simplify and accelerate the development of applications that can integrate into SAP ERP (from version R/3 up to S/4 HANA), use the SAP HANA database, and deploy in one click to SAP Cloud Platform. Also, the generated interface follows the Fiori Design Guidelines and makes it possible to integrate the intelligent technologies offered by SAP through SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation.

‘m certainly left with the impression that we have a thriving community in Chile. In this market, users seek to increase software development productivity and are open to changing the traditional development paradigm to a more agile paradigm that supports all the platforms required today when developing modern software solutions, as well as to do it in a much more productive manner, especially in a future-proof manner. That’s one of the most important advantages of GeneXus, which not only makes it possible to create applications fast but also to maintain and evolve them as the base technologies and platforms change. And this, I think, is aligned with Jodal’s final message in his keynote: in order to be digitally resilient we must have tools that allow us to experiment quickly so that we can get closer to clients, and at the same time enable us to validate different business models in very short cycles.

Lastly, I’d like to invite you to our next GeneXus Meeting, #GX29, which will take place on 23-25 September in Montevideo (https://www.genexus.com/gx29). I hope to see you here!


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