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Gabe Gramajo |
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Enterprise Low-Code 2022 in the USA

North America Meetup | Building Community through Innovations, was held on March 30. Here you can see the meeting!

Past Wednesday we celebrated the re-encounter with the North American Genexus Community through GXMeetup USA. Enterprise Low-Code 2022 was an exclusive event for the GeneXus Community in North America.

It meant a great opportunity to share news from the hand of Armin Bachman, and the megatrends of the future through our CTO, Gaston Milano; such as Super Apps and mini-programs, to name two.

We talked about the challenges and opportunities of technological acceleration.

What are the needs of developers today?

How does technology help companies? And what tools does GeneXus provide to accompany this digital evolution?

We were accompanied on this adventure by a panel of the highest level responding to attendees’ inquiries.

The main idea was to get closer to our beloved community once again, emphasizing that we are together with them on this path and that we want to ensure that they are successful using our tool: this is our commitment to their GeneXus Journey.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the entire team!

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