16 sessions to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship


Important figures such as Bibop Gresta (President of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies), Sylvia Chebi (Director of ThalesLab), and Eduardo Mangarelli (Team Leader at Microsoft), among other entrepreneurs and technology experts, share their knowledge and experiences on the art of innovation and entrepreneurship in present times.

These are the 16 most important sessions on innovation and entrepreneurship at the GeneXus Meeting: GX29 Builders:

#1 The Hyperloop: Ticketless, Frictionless and Sustainable

#2 Corporate Innovation, Industry 4.0, or Digital Transformation: threat or opportunity?

#3 Learnings from code-with and innovating with top 400 companies

#4 Time to be born and die

#5 Faces that innovate in the Uruguayan State

#6 Business in the Digital Age

#7 CrossFit, GeneXus and Vue

#8 What entrepreneurs do?

#9 Testing for Startups

#10 Usability and Accessibility Tests: Knowing our users

#11 ThalesLab Showcases: SoyDelivery, Abya and ApDif

#12 Building an autonomous vehicle for a real case

#13 Agile methodologies to evolve your business

#14 5 Methodologies for Technological

#15 Technologies and innovations in the area of physical exercise What is there today?

#16 Soy Delivery technology applied to the last mile

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GeneXus Meeting: GX29 Builders


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