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The platform for financial institutions that conquered Latin America

is a set of Mission-Critical Systems for Financial Institutions that has been developed and implemented by the technology company De Larrobla & Asociados for the past three decades. 

In the 1990s, Bantotal set out to improve technological support for the day-to-day operations of a bank. It aimed to bridge two worlds of mission-critical systems: those that support customers’ daily banking operations and their accounting records.

Designed with GeneXus with a unified data model on relational database managers, Bantotal’s solution came at the right time: given the enormous amount of data and banking operations, which at that time was already growing exponentially and becoming unsustainable, there was no way to continue without comprehensive support for business processes.

Since then, Bantotal has kept growing and evolving along with the changing and complex world of finance, and today it is present in 65 banks throughout the Americas. In fact, Bantotal is present in 14 countries, and its highest level of market penetration is reached in Uruguay, where it is used by 70% of the country’s banking institutions.

In this white paper titled “The Platform for Financial Institutions that Conquered Latin America,” you will learn about Bantotal’s 3 decades of evolution and expansion in 14 countries, which highlight technology as an ally of digital transformation in the world of finance. In addition:

  • The technical features and secrets for the success of this set of Mission Critical systems for Financial Institutions.
  • 5 key milestones that support the intrinsic relationship between Bantotal, its robustness, and Low-Code.
  • Technological advantages for Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Financial and Microfinance Institutions, Digital Banks and Fintech entities, among others.

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