Japan: Software Development Excellence with JBCC Agile

Have you ever wondered why Japan is an example of high productivity and technological excellence? Whether due to its mastery of robotics and hardware, or its great capacity for innovation together with its Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, Japan is always at the forefront. However, this is not always the case when it comes to software development.

This article explains why a Japanese company that provides technology solutions has chosen a different methodology for its market –the agile development methodology– instead of the cascading methodology that prevails in Japan. Also, how this paradigm shift that is necessary to advance software development was made possible with an automatic low-code development platform such as GeneXus.

JBCC (Japan Broadband Communications Corporation) is one of our main partners in Japan since 2013. It has achieved a remarkable track record over these years, and here is an account of its work with agile methodologies together with GeneXus.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in hardware-related businesses and, as a result, in software services as well. In this context, it provides solutions to companies using GeneXus.

It has clients in different sectors, most of them in the manufacturing industry, but also in services and education. Through- out this time it has obtained excellent results in more than 200 projects devel- oped with GeneXus.

Automation is the first feature highlighted by JBCC’s technicians. In evaluating the results obtained, they concluded that on average their productivity was increased by 70% compared to manual Java coding.

Productivity and integration are other benefits obtained. Also, to be able to quickly deliver quality solutions adapted to the user’s needs with a 40% reduction in development time and with an agile methodology (compared to the waterfall methodology). “Delivering an easy-to-use system is the most important for the cus- tomer, and achieving the customer’s trust is very important for JBCC. GeneXus is a high quality product to be able to deliver high quality system and that is the way to build that trust,” stated Mr. Takahiro Nakano from the company JBCC, and added: “Using GeneXus to develop a system enables us to achieve high-quality sys- tem integration, which further deepens the trust between us and our customers.”

Agile development, in addition, has enabled this software house to succeed. GeneXus is the backbone of JBCC’s method called JBCC Agile, states Mr. Kawaka- mi, Director of Systems Integration.

To learn more, download the document Japan: Software Development Excellence with JBCC Agile

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