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It's All About Attitude

we really aware of what we have? Shouldn’t we be more grateful?
I’ll share some personal thoughts and experiences about how a positive attitude determines what we are and what we convey.

A positive attitude is an essential factor to achieve a life filled with happiness and meaning. Attitude can be defined as the capacity of some people to face certain issues. When something unexpected happens that takes us away from our everyday life, it is surprising how we all react so differently and how this creates completely different experiences. Our behavior in various life circumstances determines attitude.

What does really matter? What are the most important aspects of life?

Victor Küppers, a renowned motivational speaker from Spain, makes an interesting proposition when he says that a person can be defined by the following formula:

Value = (Knowledge + Ability) x Attitude

Attitude is so important that it multiplies everything!

You can learn more about his coaching system here: http://www.kuppers.com/

What are the essential characteristics of an attitude whose multiplication makes us happier?

Characteristics of people with the right attitude

  • Humor – Having a sense of humor is essential, and this includes learning and seeking what makes us laugh. Also, it means to be nourished by laughter.
  • Balance – Balancing one’s energy between the hours at work and outside work. Examining and reflecting on which actions drain my energy and which actions recharge me.
  • Not Complaining – In every decision, we choose either to complain or to act.
  • Being Grateful – Every day, it’s about being aware of everything we have and being thankful for it: education, skills, family, good friends, a job, good coworkers. This is also part of the process of achieving this attitude.


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