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A magical evening celebrating technology

Last Wednesday afternoon, June 1
–after 2 long years of not attending any event because of the pandemic– I’m thrilled to say we went to a technology event. What’s more, it wasn’t just any event…

We went to Globant’s Tech N’ Fest!

As soon as I got there, I noticed the huge number of attendees. Most of them were programmers, eager to learn and share with some of the biggest names in technology in Mexico. 

I received 4 tokens that were exclusive for the event and could be exchanged for drinks, snacks, and gifts. When I arrived, as a welcome, I was also offered to choose a gift: a cap, a t-shirt, a hat, or a metal cup for water. I chose the first option and went to listen to the first presentation with my GX-Glober
cap already on.

The hostess,
Ophelia Pastrana

right away started sharing her passion to learn more about very geek topics: Blockchain, Crypto, Gaming, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence. Also, these are the topics presented on stage by experts such as
Aura López

Tiburcio de la Cárcova

Marcela Manrique

Luis Enriquez

Nelly Ortiz

Pablo Stanley

and, of course,
Guibert Englebienne

, Co-Founder of Globant and President of
Globant X

and Globant LatAm, the company that recently purchased


You can relive the event here (in spanish):

After the presentations, it was time to chat and I decided to approach Ophelia and Aura. 

It was amazing to have the chance to hang out with them at the event because I have been following their careers in the world of technology for a long time.

Then… the support team of GeneXus de México went in search of Guibert. Among so many people, we finally met him!

We said hi, shook hands, took a picture and, in a fascinated mood, we promised to work side by side, now as GX-Globers. 

Of course, after learning comes the fun: with music, food, and drinks, the day came to an end. That evening was definitely magical. 

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